Swamp Relic Set bonus

Is this a spelling error? please tell me that the set for supports doesnt give you swiftness instead of movement/atk speed like all the guides previously suggested.


I know its unobtainable atm but still. it would be a joke if it increases swiftness (Im talking about the stat, just in case) since a class that doesnt use it wouldnt benefit from it at all

I think it’s in a matter of bad translation/miscommunication. Technically speaking 8% swiftness increase IS a 8% move and attack speed increase… To your bonus ATK/MOV Speed.

if you had a class that doesnt use swiftness (surge deathbalde, igniter sorceres, etc.) you would have 20-40 points (depending on how many potion of swiftness you gained through quests/reputations). that percentage addition would add nothing to those classes.

BASE move/atk speed is different than BONUS move/atk speed from swiftness

You’re correct. But I read guides and they all said agility or swiftness, only 1 or 2 said attack/move speed specifically. And none of these guides specified BASE anywhere.

So yeah… there is a translation error there somewhere.