Swap Guardian with Abyss as a weekly task

I rather do Abyss daily than Guardians. at this point.
Abyss are fun and engaging, and when people knows what to do, they are also fast.

Guardians on the other hand are boring, repetitive, and it takes too long to do unless the group is seriously over-geared.

You either nerf Guardians HP as we asked many times or make it as a weekly task instead of the Abyss.

Again, nerf Guardian HP! We don’t care they do less damage now, that’s not what we asked for. We only asked to nerf their HP so it doesn’t take 20 minutes to down them!


Guardians take aprox 5-6 min its not long … an good abyss run takes longer then a guardian kill. Its good the way it is Raids are weekly like WOW and stuff so im fine with it theres no need in changing stuff more then they already did (way to big nerf in my opinion but i dont care)

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Not in my experience.

If you make a Guardian with 200+ ilvl from the recommended gear level, it might take 5 minutes.

If you do them with the minimun requirements (as they are intended), it takes usually close to its 20 minute mark, but most of the time it fails.

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no defnitly not only if you dont play the strats with boost nades etc ive never ever nearly reached more then 15 min

Maybe you should watch some guides how to apply dmg boost on yourself or armor break the guardian etc

I stopped doing tier 1 guardians… Waste of time for terrible rewards, it’s easy don’t start all this non sense again, but on match making it takes over 10mins for daily content for just ONE guardian and its just not worth it. you can make the guardians do 0 dmg and I will still not do it.

No, it definitely does.

Maybe you watch guides and/or play with friends on vocal and/or you’re overgeared BUT for the majority of players doing a new guardian at bare minimum ilvl, it takes close to 15/20min with high chances of failure (or dying of boredom before).

Admittedly the first 2 guardians are relatively easy compared to the rest.


that would make the weekly quest for guardian raids pretty useless you know? as you need 6/6 Souls gathering from guardian raids. so they’ll have to remove the weekly quest for it too? i would rather if they increase the weekly limitation for abyssal instead. instead of once per week on each. make it 2 or 3 and we’re good!

since i do the guardians with alts too with the min itemlvl i cannot agree with it and no the majority is not even in this forum … the majority just do their daily stuff. T1 t2 most people dont read strats if you hit t3 it changes cause people actually care about mechanics

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Look I know from experience going into groups of bare minimum ilvl that we always end-up close to the end timer before a kill or a defeat happens.

And no, It’s not about mechanics or anything skill-based, most of the time the full group was alive at the end. It’s just that you don’t do enough damage or the boss has too much health. That’s it, that’s all.

I don’t say it’s impossible, I say it’s fucking boring as fuck.


again read about armor break dmg boost and stuff if 1 player out of 4 atleast tries to do it its much faster just be the smart one out of 4 people ^^ ive started on 0 and read all about the bosses and stuff cause i wondered how to kill them under 10 min at first… since i know what to do by now the time is dropping more and more

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Y nerfing everything that doesn’t go your way? Don’t play the game then you’re just ruining the funs of others.

But I do wish there’s a health bar display for guardian though

Sure, guides would help.

You know what would help too ? A series of quests teaching you how to counter-attack bosses when they’re glowing blue that would be MANDATORY to progress guardians, or any sort of guided introduction to stagger/positioning, etc

The game barely manages to slide some info in pop-ups while you play (that you might miss because you’re in a fight) and that’s not enough imo. A lot of people missing critical information on game mechanics, resulting in guardians being face tanked by most casuals.

there is… its called TRAININGROOM maybe you should use this?
you can teleport right into it with explanations about weak spots break etc… this function already exists … again something you entirly skipped maybe cause of hard pressing the G button in the introduction quest about how to learn stuff. Oh and thers a video you can watch in the game when you open up the guardian window at the top right…


Just did Vertus on my Alt at 460. Took 22 minutes, and 2 people of the group is at least 500-560 iLevel judging by how much dmg they take.

I’ve already done everything in the training room…

That wasn’t my point…

I’m saying the game needs to make it man-da-to-ry to learn these things.

Why do people keep assuming things about others without trying a minimum to understand their point? It’s baffling these days.

dude Discussion with you feels like explaining the whole system of LA …

There is a Tutorial…
You get a quest telling you about it…
The quest got an indicator RIGHT on your screen in the middle down…
IF you ignore it its your problem but then you should not complain about stuff cause its your own decision to skip this stuff
There is no game out there who forces you to go through a tutorial for going into content.
If you think its hard yes but its completely offtopic here so were running in circles cause you stand on a point that is absolutely not viable cause your only reading in a forum where like 1/4 MAX write cause the rest does not even care.

There is a quest that supposedly teaches you background about guardians and why they’re here and why we have to kill them.

Except, you can access guardians raids before even completing it…
I personally only did it recently and it teaches basically nothing, it was a big loss of time.

I still don’t know what guardians mean, what they do, why we kill them? Maybe it’s a translation issue, or maybe just the content isn’t made compelling enough.

To sum up my point : the game throws at you gamemodes without explainations, you either have to watch guides or play facultative tutorials (that you will likely miss because TMI in this game) to even understand what’s happening.

I don’t know, it feels to me like a design mistake.

5-10 min is too long for you? in a MMO i mean, if it is, better leave the game because it is not for you> Cita

Stop this non sense about learning how to play.

I know how to play, I watch videos.

Problem is that in a PUGs it only take one bad player to ruin the experience for the other 3.

In my experience Abyss are much faster to do because if people don’t know mechanics the group wipe really fast and you can start another one hoping for a better group.

In Guardians you don’t wipe but the fight drags on until the end of the time limits, and most time it fails.

I could do Guardians 200+ ilvl below my gear but that’s not fun or challenging.
I just want Guardians to be doable for their intended gear ilvl requirements.

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Your desired change isn’t going to happen. We’re headed toward parity with the Korean version, not toward divergence. Abyss dungeons there are weekly, Guardian Raids are daily. Going to be the same here no matter how much you want it to be different.
Best advice? Find a guild to do PvE content with. I duo with my friend and we haven’t had a guardian kill go longer than 10m and only wiped once.