Swap regions? SA servers economy msg for Devs

A little message for the dev’s as the title says…
We are on an extreme difficult time on SA servers, the economy is completely ruined, impossible to buy books or accesories for a 5x3 there aren’t many of them, in fact, there is none for some classes.
Exchange rate for blue crystals is 2000 gold / 95 crystals. At this pace, we are hitting Korea ratio in about 2 weeks.

What i want to say with all these is: Are we getting some kind of news, attention, changes?
Because i really enjoy the game, but the feel of no progress is exhausting.
I would swap region to NA if we get at least an answer that we are not getting anything to fix the economy so at least i start all over again there.

The reality is that SA servers at this rythmn has literally no future. No economy, no accesories, books overinflated (grudge 16k at this moment).
Thats why im demanding some answer so i can take a decision of swapping regions or staying right where i am.

Thanks for reading.