Swapped to EU West. But what about my store Mount? version 2

If somebody bought something, and then wanted to change servers cause you want them to. So it free up space on the overpopulated servers. You need to buy it again.

And if you make a forum post, they will lock it :stuck_out_tongue:

This is what you get from this game. They dont care

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I did not want to. I had no choice. 30k Queues and because I work nights I log in in the evenings the game literally would not let me even see the server lists due to heavy traffic.

I contacted Amazon support. they tried to move the mount but apparently don’t have a way to physically do this. I can’t do a refund because AGS will ban your account from the game. They confirmed this. So Now I need to contact Citizens Advice and trading standards to see what my legal rights are.

omg all this over a mount? queues has gotten better and it will only get better, give it some time.

Im all for this. If you use money. They want you to change servers. They need to give the item back to you. All of you that dosnt understand this, are whales or from the US servers

No, it’s about all the money Amazon has potentially hoovered up from people who are in my situation and how they are laughing all the way to the bank. It’s hard-earned money people have spent and due to Amazons miss management (Intentional or unintentional) people have had to move or just literally uninstall the game because they don’t have 8hrs a day to sit in server queues for a chance to play.

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You dont have any rights im afraid. Thats the problem. Amazone dosnt wanna help you, and you have the right to get the money back. But then amazone will ban your account…

if people cant see the way they act now, it dosnt get better

Its a new MMO release, things like queues are EXPECTED. Is this ur first MMO? I see all these people getting mad and it just blows my mind how people arent expecting any problems. Wait another week and you will be able to play the character with the mount.

There are protections on digital products. I can legally get my money back. But as you say amazon have you by the balls and will ban your account. The only way forward really would be a class action. But that’s a lot of work for what it is and amazon, unfortunately, know this…

What about people thats from EU west and not central. They didnt say anything about making a new server in the start… If you dont see how a big company like this threat people in the start. dont cry later when something happens to you