Swimsuit skinlines

Are we getting all of 2019’s and 2021’s swimsuits? The preview only shows 1 of the 5 swimsuits from that skinline.


Hope so lol

Would like to know this too!

@Roxx @Shadow_Fox !

are we getting the weapon skins from this pack?

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they never show the whole line but i assume yes we are getting both the 2019 and 2021 swimsuit sets

hopefully that’s it… but they shown 2 pic for the 2019, only 1 for 2021. Would be nice to have clarification

well, you have to remember, ags did this with the founder’s pack, and didn’t use I believe it was SF’s skin (iirc) though it was still available because it wasn’t “age appropriate” for all ages. but we still got it in t he end.

@Roxx can you confirm which skins we are actually getting please. Please don’t say it is only the ones in the screenshot on the patch notes. In addition to that, you have removed one of the crab mounts as well. Why?

@Roxx please clarify if we’re only receiving the skins shown.

read my post above yours. ags did this before with founders, probably same route to make it “marketable friendly”

If it’s for market reason… no reason to put a preview of a bikini bottom for 2019’s swimsuit, but omit the bootyshorts/fully covered tops from 2021.



are less Market-friendly than

Here you go!
Official video from ags’s lost ark channel: Lost Ark: Waterpop Arena Event - YouTube it has the skins in it that we are looking for. and not the same video from kr.


If they actually add the nice 21 skins then I will be very happy. If they don’t I think the forums will let the devs know

Just take a look at:
Lost Ark: Waterpop Arena Event - YouTube !

Uh oh, I hope it’s not false advertisement again. They will face the backlash once again if they don’t include the ones that was on the pictures they used for promotion.


Yup look like this is it.

RIP best summer skin and destro inflatable hammer

i hate to be that guy, but that doesnt say anything here…

@Roxx could you confirm this please :(? I was looking forward to the entire skins being released. How come we only get 3 options. Everyone will look the same there’s no customization/diversity in NA version. This is super upsetting because it’s advertised in both the website and trailer.