Switch character that is running the tower?

I made the mistake of starting my Tier 2 tower with one of my alts before I ran it with my main. Now, my main is getting T2 mats that are literally useless. Is there any way I can switch which character is running it for the materials? Would be real nice to be able to use the stuff gained from the tower. (Wtf is the deal with mats you can’t put in roster storage, for real…)

You can’t. Tower rewards are a one-time reward PER character. But if you did not run the entire T2 Tower on your alt, you can catch up to the highest floor you went on your alt, then finish on your main, and do the remaining on your alt for mats.

if you haven’t finished the tower yet, you can finish first the tower with your main, after that you will see you alt will get mats than books and some stuffs

Do we still have to get the skill point potion on fatespire on our alts? Cuz my bard doesnt want to do them

No, skill points are by roster, not by character.

When you enter, you can check each floor and see what rewards you’ll get for beating them. If it’s first time on roster you’ll get one thing, if it’s second time you’ll get mats.

I haven’t finished the second tower with my alt, but I did start it with the alt. Can I finish it with the main and continue with my alt for the resources?