Switch out Destroyer for Arcana

Please switch out Arcana for Destroyer. Everyone was excited to play her and main that class.


As much as i want this, they wont change the roadmap after they delayed it for 3 months to give us…this


how about ADD BOTH and stop cucking players by promising a class and then retracting that promise


This!! Like why are they only releasing one…

Why piss off Destroyer mains because you’re upset your class is delayed? We should be asking them to release all classes.


I mean I would love both of them to come out next month.

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could be better but pisses of so many people also even i want to play Arcana .At least they should say Arcana will be next :confused:

lancemaster summoner for april, arcana destroyer for may, Reaper scrapper for june that should be the right thing to 2… 2 classes per month, you reconcile with the ones that played summoner during beta, and no class is more than 3 months away (artis femzerker and aeromancer can take their time asthey are new in korea o not yet released)

How about no. Destroyer mains are waiting just like you. Not “everyone” is excited nor cares to play Arcana.

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It would have been more professional on AGS/SGR’s part if they had stuck to their guns and just revealed glaivier after Arcana. If any class was going to skip in line, it should have been Summoner because they really got screwed. I wouldn’t have been salty about Destroyer getting pushed back for that, as they’re more deserving given the circumstances.

I seriously don’t want to see a delay because they change the roadmap again. Could we at least get a teaser or a vote of what will come after Destroyer? Like Summoner, Arcana, Atheromancer/Artist?

We’re so melee heavy right now. It would only make sense. With all these new DPS classes, can we get some balance with specialist/support?

Absolutley Not! Destroyer is fine.

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Totally agreed on this. The removal of Arcana release just killed all the motivation for me.

Why not use it and make an event out of it?
Release both at the same time.

Destroyer vs Arcana event.

Track how many of that class get created in the first month. And how high the average gearscore gets.

Then give rewards based on the winning class.
As rewards maybe some basic items for everyone that created an arcana/destroyer.

And for the winning class a weapon skin or something like that.