Switching servers

My husband and i recently moved from georgia to new mexico. We have 12+ characters each, but have been experiencing lag on the NA east server, since we moved to the west. Is there any possibility of a server transfer? :thinking:

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Unfortunately at the moment server or region transfers are not a feature that’s available in our version of the game, keep an eye out in the Official News section of the forum where it would be announced should this change in the future!

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I am not a software developer in any capacity but…

Instead of server transferring, is it possible if AGS copies a players roster… then pastes it onto a new server… and then deletes the old roster?

Can someone with coding experience explain this to me?

Maybe if the data is physically at another location… can that data be emailed or something? Idk…

Sorry for my lack of knowledge.

Possible sure, but it might not function after that. Immediately you run into complications about what if the character name is already taken on the other region, and what if the player already has characters on that region to begin with.

Databases are very complicated and if a program’s not designed to support movement to a different one, it takes a lot of work to do it correctly.

EDIT: Check out how they’re implementing server merges within the same region to get an idea of how many factors have to be considered.


Thank you so much for explaining, I hope they can get something sorted out.

Have a wonderful day!