Sylmael Bloodstone Exchange - Mats Binding

Can we make the non-stone honing materials, roster bound, instead of character bound?

It’s a serious pain in the ass that I can’t buy out all the honing mats at once and throw into roster storage for my alts to pick up immediately.

Bamboozled myself and accidentally bought T2 Life Shards on my T3 main thinking it was roster bound, since the stones aren’t bound at all. Adding to my already large pool of wasted T1 & T2 mats.

The limit on the materials is also per roster, so I see no reason why these need to bind to character when they’re bought. This would be a much appreciated QoL update.

Just my 2 cents.


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The Bloodstone shop is per character.

oh shit, didn’t even realize this. thanks! saw that stones were unlocked and thought it was a shared shop/currency.