System Mail False Notification

The system keeps giving me the message: “You have new mail.” every time I log in to the game even though there is nothing. Even after clicking it, the notification doesn’t go away.
Screenshot 2022-02-19 100042

I had to “remove” each piece of mail before it went away. just make sure you claimed the item!

@Honeycruller did u check the actualy mailbox npc somes only show there like that text says

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All contents have been claimed. I’ll go with your solution, but it seems weird that I have to resort to deleting each and every mail right after, simply for the sake of getting rid of the notification.

Yeah it irks me that i keep getting the dots. It stares me in the face :expressionless:

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Ohh I didn’t notice there’s another mail system in game. I had a Loot Auction mail that only shows up in the actual Mail NPC. Thank you!!

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