System to prevent trolls and tilters

There should be a system which prevents people from being able to queue ranked. Something along the lines of giving your teammates dislikes based on performance post-match, and with enough dislikes that person wouldn’t be able to queue for a time period. This should also stack with continued dislikes after the time period is over, eventually leading to a permanent ban of the player from ranked. Thoughts?

You are trying to kill what is already dead lol

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Ranked hurts :frowning:

bruh ppl would give every 2nd person a dislike cause they just missed a cc
or played a class they didnt like lul, i d give a dislike to every reape i encounter coz they r always useless xD

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Toxicity is a problem yeah, but this kind of system will be abused very easily, it’s funny how like, overly toxic people seem to be in this game compared to like wow arenas or even mobas, it’s pretty silly.

Had a DE do 300k less damage than me on a loss type “bad scrapper bad” and the next 3 games went against him he lost every game against me perma typing how bad and how carred I am, I just blocked the guy and stopped queuing for the night because it was so delusional.

afkers, trolls, super bad people, you can only report
there is a penalty system if you dont deal enough damage I think, to prevent afk

I think the best system to improve arena is to fire an AGS employee every day the glaring issues plaguing arena aren’t addressed, thoughts?

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