T1 and T2 guardians need HP nerfs. You're not Monster Hunter, this is not fun

I’ve been asking my T3 friends to carry me because it is not fun spending 15+ minutes in a random matchmake group for a DAILY. T3 guardians are much shorter.

I don’t know what criteria was used in the first wave of nerfs, but how about starting with a health nerf? Also why did you pick and choose only a few guardians? No wonder people are leaving the game. This is the most tedious and boring daily to do.

You’re not monster hunter and this is not fun whatsoever.


Maybe you should go play Hello Kitty Adventures Online? :slight_smile:

BTW. If you dont like playing with randoms you can always Solo the bosses!


I always pug those with main and alts and they are not the problem, the players are, in many terms. The bosses are fine, just too much hp.

This content has been monster hunter for years, why would they change that for eu/na? :slightly_smiling_face:


Me and three other people ranging between 1050 and 1080 spent 15 minutes killing the 1000 guardian yesterday. I understand that we weren’t 300 GS above the requirement for it to feel normal but come on, 15 minutes for ONE run and you have to to it twice for each character? It’s not even hard, it’s just repeating the same thing over and over again, waiting for the boss to just disappear, you then have to start running across the whole map like an idiot only to continue the cycle.

It’s astonishing that something like this could be daily content and no-one at Smilegate or AGS understand how tedious and progression-slowing it is.


As someone who solos them or carrys they just have too much hp. At this point in the guardian raids outside of really dumb ones like Tytalos its just players refusing to move, at all at this point.

Just lower their HP a bit since we have to do them daily, this is the part they dont understand, if it was a 1 time thing nobody would care.

The other problem is when players do something wrong the NA solution is telling them to gitgud or to quit and go back to WoW instead of typing the mechanic or asking about their engravings etc.

I made a very brief guide for artillerist that basically just lets you facetank all the guardians and ignore the mechs, its been a godsend for me in most pve, its just the “easy and safe ranged dps” here and on the sub reddit.


I agree op, they need health bars too. At this point I have no interest in doing guardians. I stopped completely on all my characters. Sad


It’s funny, it’s really really funny. BTW keep flagging everything that doesn’t fit you.
When ppl say kr/ru got a better time cuz honing etc is easier you’ll be like “but it’s not the same version reeeeeeee” and here we got the “but it is this way on their version so why change”.
Keep entertaining me i love it.

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Lost Ark Western release… where players want an iWin button with the game. Please stop complaining, you don’t have to play the game if it’s too difficult. I’ve seen people in T2 guuardian raids with no accessories, stones or HP pots complaining they died. Just get better.

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They are not even difficult. You have to do them twice a day at most on a character. One if you are using your missions to send it out. If you are complaining because you don’t want to do it on multiple alts then don’t do it on multiple alts it is as simple as that. NONE of the bosses were overtly difficult except Tatalus had a very very fast cast time for his one shot. Now don’t get me wrong I think they are boring as all hell, but they absolutely do not need a nerf.

Players want daily content to feel in the area of fun, like chaos dungeons. Do you find guardian raids as they are now fun to do every day on multiple characters with randoms?

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You are in no shape or form forced to do Guardian Raids.
The content in the game is freely available to you.

I just want to add aswell that you can easily carry your group as a DPS and do 40-60% of the groups damage if you are equipped correctly, that would prolly net u to sub 7min fights.

No one says it’s hard you moron. It just takes forever.

And unlike Monster Hunter, which is actually fun, you can optimize for fights.


There is actually cards to increase % dmg to Guardian Monsters.

I agree with OP.
Nerf T1/T2 Guardians health by 30-40% and give us damage boost by at least 15-20%.
It takes so long to solo them.


Nerf them and just give us the loot directly, what the heck, give us 1370 powerpass!!!

Most of the time the issue is the team, was doing vertus on my demonic alt 420, once with a team of 450(sorc)/500(berserk)/440(bard), 8mn with me mvp 40% dmg done.

That’s kinda sad but that’s not the worse i tried to do it a second time but ppl chain suicid or don’t do damage like 10 mn not done with 520(arty) 500(sorc) 450(bard) here i died, we had no life remaining… the artillerist ended alone and died 1:20mn from the end of the mission…
(i died cuz i was grabbed and artillerist kept running around instead of shooting :upside_down_face: )

I agree on a health nerf would be welcomed for a daily thing but cmon… hit the mob…

lets say for the sake of things they nerf these guardians even more, then what?

You will now still face new guardians that you cannot beat so are you going to ask them to nerf those aswell? when will this whole thing end and people simply accept that if your not good enough then get carried or skip the content.

It is optional after all.


Honest question, do we really want the game to cater to people with 3+ alts instead of it being focused on 1 character?

And do we want guardians to be easy for solo players? Ever since mid-T1 it’s been like 20 minutes of daily content for me. First clears when I barely met ilvl req were a fun challenge, but after that it’s a 4-6min raid. I guess people want it to be done in 3 minutes so they can do it on 6 alts.

There’s plenty of mokokos to collect out there :eggplant: