T1 and T2 guardians need HP nerfs. You're not Monster Hunter, this is not fun

I today made a t3 only 5ilv over the minimum gear score, took exactly 8:47 min. Just avoid the pools, attack from behind, use Z and V as often as you can. and if die refresh pots at spawn. You would do great. And then enjoy the content

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4-6mn without getting carried yeh sure…

Well… if you spend 10-15 minutes daily on guardian then maybe you are the problem?

This kind of opinion is result of a lack of great MMORPGs on the past five years.
In 20 years of MMORPG i never saw this huge amount of people wich is simple incapable of dealing with anything who challenge them.

This is result of mobile games wich everything is “100 Gems” apart from win.
This is result of casualization of every game launched in the past 5 years.

Looks like the community of this game in WEST is composed of Genshin Impact players, Hello Kitty Online Adventure players, Candy Crush Saga or some mobile thing like that.

I hope Amazon look to the AAA games like WoW and FFXIV and understand what can be done to make Lost ARK a great MMORPG, and how this doesnt evolve listening feedbacks like this one.


You wrote a bunch of crap that has nothing to do with the point of this post.

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the point is exactly that, you are not made for this game.

Go play Candy Crush Saga, or something you can win in 30 seconds.

its about mentality.

I can guarantee you that most people who complain about difficulty can beat these things if they bothered to try.

But they dont, they pop a matchmaking then wipes a few times and call it quits thinking they will never beat it.


Who the hell is not beating them? The point of the post is that it takes too long.

You’re going to carry a 1000 ilvl guardian raid in at ilvl 1000 in 5 minutes with your 1337 skills? Gtfo.

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apperently quite a few since we had them nerfed based on a 10% playerbase clearing rate in the first place

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Just pick the easiest one for your current tier, most of the rewards are the same for 2 or 3 bosses each tier.

I find T3 bosses are way easier comparing to T1 T2 bosses, not as in they are hard or not doable but i find them takes longer to kill comparing to T3 bosses with equivelent gears.

back when my main was in T1-2 bosses takes 7-9 mins but now that im in T3 all bosses takes within 4-6 mins to clear

also how exacly do they take a long time?

Assuming people can beat them it would take at most 20 minutes per boss which you dont have to do every day since you can collect double the rewards if you skip a day.

so 40 minutes of fighting every 2 days is not a long time to spend when people can bump their head against far more difficult content for hours on end.

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I can purely speculate that you are trying to attack me for a statement I made in a different thread where I said we can’t compare our launch of Argos to the Korean / Russian version because ours is 1 month after release and theirs is years after release. At no point did I complain about honing rates though. Thank you for showing us your reading comprehension skills.

I actually agree, i think the only thing they ever needed was a health reduction instead of changing mechanics. I understand that the developers see 90% failure rate and have to adjust it for fear of turning of too many ppl but the feeling of accomplishment when you finally clear an encounter always far outweighs the frustration of wiping a few times while learning a fight. I thought Abyss were fine.

Another very obvious “i’m bad/lazy, please nerf” post.

Lmao that’s a bit egocentric of you to think that i would remember your name.
BTW keep flagging everything that doesn’t fit you.
I was pretty sure that you were this type of guy, you know the type of guy with a double standard, you’re ok with things being different if it follows your agenda but else oh god little guy will rain havoc.
So yeh my reading skills were right… thx for noticing :clown_face:

Okay dude, if you say so :slightly_smiling_face: , definitely coincidence that you list a topic I recently replied to and attack me for it. It’s not like 1 click on a profile shows all this information, and that you have to remember it. How disappointing you harassing assholes are.

Right, its strange, the 3rd tier of guardians are significantly easier then the 2nd tier.

Like how Hildebrandts palace was 10x harder then the next 4 abyss dungeons after it, makes no sense.

Didn’t know you could get ppls comment on other thread by going on their profile but hey if that makes you feel good w/e :clown_face:
BTW keep flagging everything that doesn’t fit you.

Imo, that’s why T1 and T2 were enjoyable for me.

I knew it’s not endgame gear, but mechanics were still really interesting and difficult at times, so it was enjoyable to learn all of them.

Tier3 right now is honestly disappointing. Did first Oreha at 1325, all first timers, did second at 1333. Two first timers and two alts, no carry.