T1 and T2 honing


Upgrading has felt pretty fair up until around ilvl 560, when I basically hit a readblock since I run out of materials from the islands and the success rate has drastically decreased and I failed many upgrades. It’s been a few days since 560 and I am now at ilvl 586 and it barely feels like I’m making any progress. Now if this was the max tier I would understand having those kind of mechanisms to slow down players and prevent them from maxing out in a week, but doing that at T1? And I am not a streamer, I do not have time to play on 6 alts, I barely get enough time to play on one, and just farming the same stuff over and over again and then wasting all of those resources because the RNG gods decided that I’m not getting the upgrade today either is just not fun. What I would suggest:

  • Drastically increase the upgrade success rate for T1 and T2, or even completely remove it (100% success rate)
  • Having a lower success rate on T3 makes a bit more sense in order to slow players down from reaching the max, but I would argue that even that shouldn’t be the case. I already farmed the materials, why do I now have to depend on luck whether I get to progress or not? There is nothing you can do there, it’s just a lottery whether you get to progress or not, and that’s just not fun.

The game is fun but I feel like it’s wasting my time.