T1 , epic gear 560 to legendary mix it up?

I currently have the T1 Epic gear at 560 and have a few gems to get 2 pieces of legendary working on another abyss dungeon to get 4 pieces total, is it worth upgrading and mixing the 2 or just don’t bother? does it make much difference? is 2 pieces legendary with reset epic sufficient?

At T1 it doesn’t really make a difference and neither does it at T2. Your aim is to get to T3 sooner or later anyways and then those gear pieces are worthless.
It doesn’t hurt you to get it but it doesn’t really matter either.

if you want to clear the content you do efficiently, you should try and keep your gear somewhat optimized…
during T1 and T2 secondary stats (like crit, etc) are MORE IMPORTANT than engravings!

people wonder why T1 and T2 guardians take 10+ minutes … but running around with the worst possible stats, no set-boni etc…

abyss-set-boni in T1 and T2 are also pretty damn good and you should take those (unless you can get to the next Tier within a day or two or get to the higher set in the same timeframe).