T1 item level reward chest

Hey, I have a question, what’s in the T1 Item Level Reward Chest? whether it is a kit that you can create for an abyss dungeon or a normal kit that you get for a dungeon chaos. with 600 gs after putting on this set you will get GS 802 ?? Regards, Volvvo

Hello @Volvvo

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I was taking a look on the T1 Item Level Reward Chest and the rewards are detailed on the item. It will provide you a total of 2600 Crystals. A portion of it each time you reach certain item level on your character.

-520 Crystals Given at item lvl 350-600-700-800-915.

Hope this helps!

and this will work backwards because I have 840 gs loaded, I will get crystals on the previous levels, does it not work?