T1, T2 and T3 needs to be merged

Since they want Everyone at T3, T3 should start at T1. So we get 20+raids at at T3, lots of abyss etc.

T1 + T2 + T3 = T1
T4(if ever release) = T2

That way we can Enjoy T1 and T2 Instead of having “useless” content since once you get to T3 you never go back to it.

Or just release hard mode for everything so everything is available at T3.

T1 and T2 have the most content and the most fun. Game is pretty dead at T3 tbh


There needs to be learning curve but I really would like to do T1 again.

I don’t know how they do it in Korea but weekly rotation on dungeons would be nice. Harder versions of T1 and from way-too-easy Yorn. Not that fond of sea theme but that is my personal opinion.

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Yeah, no. The game is a learning curve right up until T3. T1 and T2 isn’t useless considering the amount of people “stuck.”

3 weeks and people already calling things dead is pretty retarded. Unless you’re high than 1370, you still have a long way to go in T3 and those Abyss Dungeons have hard mode.


Since they said they didn’t add all of T3 to the game at launch, I assume that means there is more T3 content coming? If so, then not having much to do at T3 is by design and they’re going to keep adding to it in the months to come. Unless I’m misunderstanding something.

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yep we’ll be getting more tier 3 stuff soon!

I am so confused by this notion that because all of a sudden there is a 3 next to the t instead of a 1 that the content is all of sudden completely different. I hate to break it to you guys but just because it says t3 and not t1 on your screen doesn’t mean you are doing radically different content. You are completing guardian raids, abyss and chaos. It is very similar content. If you are not entertained by it when it says T1 you won’t be entertained when it says T3. If letters and numbers on a screen is what determines your enjoyment of a game I recommend finding a new game.


Also just FYI to everyone who is like “T3 1370 is endgame” in Korea its closer to 16-1700. And also, just FYI to everyone also: when you upgrade your gear in T3 your item level goes up by ~1.3 points . . .

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They have a system in Korea where they “balance” your character’s ilvl and give you abyss dungeons and guardian raids from past tiers to do. It’d be fun

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Tier 3 requires less effort to attain that most games max level.

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Youve got to be trolling with this statement.

Have you not played an MMO before? Game just released meaning 1 month minimum post launch before actual endgame content gets released. Plus hell mode versions of abyss dungeons and trial guardians will be added. There will be heaps of content… KR actually ran into the issue of too much content and devs apologized saying they’d slow down.

I’m nowhere near T3, so I’m kind of glad they’re moving more slowly. Gives me and all my alts some time to catch up. :blush: