T1 T2 guardians not worth flares, phero and pots T_T

So I discovered today that a t1-t2 guardian is barely even worth the flares and pheros you use and since you have to solo them cuz no one plays them you always have to flare + phero. It feels really bad to run them cuz i know it would cost me less to not play the game and just buy the mats. I appreciate the fact that you guys added some passage ways on some of the sh*t ahem I mean “big” maps but pls do something about walking simulator part of guardian raid especially in lower tiers its really zzzz :c

I already have 6 characters t3 btw its just sometimes I wanna play on my lower tier alts for fun but it feels very bad since it doesn’t feel like I’m progressing at all when running guardian raids…

Also I know you guys have been actively working to make the game experience better by adding the honing buff and the passages in certain guardian maps and that is really cool. I just wanted to bring this to your attention. Have a gr8 day C: