T1/T2 Guardians vs T3 Guardians

I just defeated Armored Nacrasena, the first Guardian in T3. And I have some info to share with you. Please keep an open mind, if possible. :smiley:
The difference between the T1/T2 guardians and this first Guardian of T3 is night and day.


  • rabid bosses that punish melee classes.
  • they toss and turn like there is no tomorrow (I repeat myself but yeah)
  • difficult to visually identify phases, counter opportunities.
  • seemingly infinite stagger checks.
  • huge AOEs/
  • a frustrating experience even when you defeat them. Something like: “I never want to see this Guardian in my life” kind of feeling.

Conclusion: bad design. I love you Smilegate but these T1/T2 Guardians are Ouchy.
The nerfs on these guardians are not nearly where they need to be in order for people to get over them and get to the content that actually helps them learn.


  • clear visual information about phases.
  • easy to understand what you did wrong and what you need to avoid.
  • melee and range classes can play their role correctly and efficiently.
  • stagger check is normal and doable, provided you have the right skills and potions.
  • AOEs are better telegraphed and counters are no longer an accidental thing, you can actually go for it even on squishy classes.

Conclusion: I am happy that this is the type of content I get to clear on a daily basis. It’s correct, it’s fair, it’s the right amount of challenging for the mundaneness of this particular daily task.

P.S.: It’s very much doable to learn the mechanics of the T3 bosses. It’s easier to understand core gameplay here. T1/ T2 is an absolute visual and game design mess. There is absolutely no reason for people to get stuck there. There is nothing that players gain from failing over and over and over again to Miss. Foxy Yoho. Let everyone join us in T3 where the true learning process begins.


Yeah and then you have a new set of complaints saying omg armored scorpion hard nerf fix when…

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I have to completly disagree. Mechanics wise they are quite similar but the T3 one is definitly faster, although both are quite fast guardians.

Also one thing to consider in your list: The experience and skill you gained while progressing from t2 to t3.
I have to admit that the first few tries to kill T2 nacrasena were really bad and obviously unsuccessful. While learning, in the end I killed him easily. The T3 version is very similar with a few small differences but all the times of fighting T2 made it certainly way easier to deal with the T3 one. On top of that I now regularely beat T2 Nacrasena solo with my alts and it’s really no problem at all, simply because I killed him so many times already.

Really? I wasn’t aware. Ugh…

Cool! It’s nice that you are finding the two Nacrasenas similar. For me, it was a breath of fresh air compared to the mess the T1/T2 guardians are. But that is just my personal experience and possibly preference. So because of the elements I mentioned above, I am already finding T3 Guardians more enjoyable.

The t2 scorpion is the same, isn’t it?

No, it’s not the same but quite similar. A few moves are different and at least from my experience, the T3 one jumps around more but is doing less electric attacks.
Also the biggest difference to me is the phase where he digs into the ground. In T2 he will move underground and then jump on one of the partymembers, in T3 he will come out basically at the spot where he dug in, however he spawns 5-6 small scorpions and it’s important to kill them very quickly as otherwise they’ll kill you insanely fast with an electric aura.

I think part of also what comes into the difference between T1 and T3 is that you’ve gotten better as a player and are far better at spotting the “oh fuck” moments.

Not disagreeing or anything, just an observation of myself when going from T1 to T3.

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I’m happy for you being able to have fun while dealing with Armored Nacrasena, but you’re comparing first T3 boss with a lot of late T1 and T2 bosses and that’s not fair.

I know a lot of people that just heard the game only starts on T3, so why use any bomb or potion earlier ? Why care about stagger runes and skills on T1/T2 ? Why learn early mechanics ?

AGS didn’t launch the T3 powerpass or Mokoko Buff, they just wanted people to pass through T1 and T2 content. There’s nothing difficult in the game yet, even in T3 we’re just experiencing the first steps, waiting for more content… so I don’t think we can compare the design choices of this T3 tip with the whole T1 and T2.