T1/T2 rush gearing is a bad decision

Checking Patch Notes:


  • 100% success for Tier 1 gear Lv. 1~15 honing.
  • Two level increase when succeeding Tier 1 gear Lv. 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 honing.
  • 20% decrease in XP required for Tier 1 gear Lv. 1~15 honing.
  • 100% decrease in cost required for Tier 1 gear Lv. 1~15 honing leap.


  • 100% success for Tier 2 gear Lv. 1~15 honing.
  • 2 level increase when succeeding Tier 2 gear Lv. 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 honing.
  • 15% decrease in XP required for Tier 2 gear Lv. 1~15 honing.
  • 100% decrease in cost required for Tier 2 gear Lv. 1~15 honing leap.

Why you have to put so easy the progress to T3??? T3 in just 2 days of farm? Why you have to trash your own game? Is like releasing a game giving full cheats to not play the game properly…

Nobody as a new player wants this, please rollback this change ASAP and put normal gearing upgrade

You think 99% of players have already played Lost Ark in Russia?


lol chill out. just play it chill


I want this…

I can’t no life this game like you, so this will help a lot for the more casual players.


Sounds like you are in the minority.


Changes are good and “bad”. Good for casuals, worse for nolifers. I will pvp 99% of my time so this is my only input. I don’t take any sides here though.


I also want this… chill dude


I love this! Alt leveling will be so more efficient and fun.


Here’s the thing, this isn’t gonna change. I agree I don’t want T1 and 2 rushed, but something I really hate is when people use phrasing like NOBODY and EVERYONE. Please don’t speak for others, just speak for yourself.


T3 is what makes Lost Ark a really good game. T1 and T2 are okay, but not why the game is such a huge success.

New players really do want this, even if they might not know it. This doesn’t make the game easier, it just reduces the grind to get to the really difficult stuff.


Again with the T1/T2… when will it ever stop guys? :sleepy:

Oh my…

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i do bro, dont use “nobody” :slight_smile: You are free to stay in t1/2 if u like lol

This is a good thing. uninformed player thinks its a bad thing. It’s all going to be okay friend.

It is surprising, but I’ll say 2 things:

  • You can upgrade at your own pace, and do the T1/T2 content at the ilvl it was meant to be done. You don’t have to rush through everything.
  • New players will likely still experience most of it at an okay pace, considering they don’t know about all of the catch up islands and such. So it makes it easy for people that want to rush, and doesn’t change too much for others (if anything, it removes RNG which feels decent)
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Yea I said minority I did not say nobody so the general opinion at least in this post is that people are ok with it at least as of right now.

Who’s that Nobody dude you’re talking about ?

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Venturing over to Reddit… it looks like the T1/T2 progression is the same as what they have in Korea as seen in the picture below. It seems like Smilegate and AGS want the NA/EU version caught up and using the same progression metrics as the KR version.


we ended up getting to tier 3 or at least early tier 3 content on day 1. i was against it personally because i thought about alts and stuff to gear up etc from tier 1 to prepare to tier 2 then prepare to tier 3. and now since they made it easier for us to make alts as it should be. i welcome this! it’s not like tier 1 and tier 2 are super hard. i finished all in RU like a piece of cake. all it takes is just learning.

tier 3 is where your booty going to get smacked! so they just made it easier for us to get wiped on tier 3. that’s fine i love challenge personally and tier 1 + 2 weren’t that big of a challenge. tier 3 here we come!


Likely banking on the western version getting really popular and making preparations to have KR and the west be on similar schedules at some point.

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I’m not 100% sure, but isn’t it exactly the same as in the KR/RU version? My gear went up 2 levels per hone so that’s not new.