T2 Abyssal Dungeon Ticket Gone

I was trying to enter the Abyssal Dungeon T2 Raid named Sea of Indolence. Matchmaking was laggy but I entered at some point. And then it immediately kicked me out of dungeon and took my ticket. I cant even enter other ones because of this please help

Server: Zinnervale
IGN: Achron
Time: 19:13 CET
Date: 18.02.2022

I have the same problem !! I cant proceed now the raids are bugged for me

Server: Asta
IGN: Gummibär
Time: 19:13 CET
Date: 18.02.2022

Hello @Leoracks, Welcome to our Forums and Lost Ark Community!!!

Hi @Mantine

Thank you for your report about the bugged dungeon. Im sorry for the issue you currently have.

Please post it under Bugs and Localization Feedback - Lost Ark Forums as there is a team checking this kind of issues on that forum section.

Make sure to provide World/Server and character name for them.

Thank you for your support and patience as we work to get everyone to their new home in Arkesia.

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