T2 Guardian Raid - Lava Chromamium - Can't Loot

Dear team,

sadly I couldn’t loot my guardian soul due to the climb up …
Ofc I didn’t get any loot and ofc the harvest was used …

Can you pls have a look into this?

Most likely same issue with other guardian kills near a “climb up / climb down”

Cheers Loosi

Did you try right clicking, or were you just mashing G…

I moved to it via clicking the mouse … so yes I clicked multiple times on the soul itself via the mouse and not via “G”
Didn’t work

Hi there, I hope you are doing okay.

Apologies, it does look like a bug, I do recommend you to reach us via chat so we can submit a bug report for you or you can submit the report on the bug section of the forum: Bugs and Localization Feedback - Lost Ark Forums

I hope this info helps, stay safe everyone.