T3……..now what?

My friends and I are really into Lost Ark but we hit T3 a few days ago and umm….they only seems to want us to spam Chaos dungeons… Am I missing something? I know there are abyssal dungeons but I mean that’s once a week and our gear isn’t quite high enough to do them yet. With all weekly chaos vendor stuff being 99/99 is that all we do? Farm the price scaling chaos vendor for a few extra stones?

I already have an alt in T2 and several T1s just doing chaos dungeons and dailies then logging off. Is this all there is to the game?

Just 1 alt? Try 5 or yeah just log out, is not meant to be a game to have just 1 main character if you care too much about gearscore, you could spend all day doing exploration

Yea i get the same burnout too, when you do your weekly abbys dungeons there is nothing to do besides doing daily chaos dungeons and chaos gates etc. Thats probably why people in korea playing like 8 alts.

Log in for an hour and log out, that’s pretty much it. Unless you wanna play an alt. I have a Deathblade almost at T3 as well now and another Sorc… You really can’t force yourself on this game after T3 unless you really like alts.

I just do my dailies and log to play something else now, kinda underwhelming.

Posts like this makes me take my time and not rush :slight_smile:

Argos raid is coming soon, check official game news. With more endgame raids to follow in quick succession.

And so it starts…and people want the T3 honing boosts tomorrow😅

Said One alt in T2 and SEVERAL T1s XD. I have 6 characters I farm dailies on. But that’s not very fun.

The game was fun getting to T3 with doing islands and other activities , but if this is it I think I’m going to go back to phone games. They do these kind of dailies much better and actual fun content to jump into.

I’m looking forward to Destroyer so I guess there’s that. Idk if this is it I just feel disappointed with the end game. The rest of the game was at least fun.

Now you go back to farming t2 mats since you make more gold there and you get alts up to t3. Then when the majority of players reach t3 you progress through t3 and sit on a pile of blue crystals.

Yea i hit t3 and i only log in now to do dailys and dungeons. Just a little grind and i switxh to other games. If the new lance master class comes out i will definitely try that.