T3 Abyss way too difficult, Tired of trying 30 or more timesto do

T3 Abyss way too difficult, Tired of trying 30 or more times with groups and still failing. The first is bad enough ( still cannot get enough to get purchase armor) but part 2 is almost impossible. I’ve done part 1 a min of 30 times to finally get in a group that wins part 1, but have yet to be with one that can win part 2, ( I’m figuring part 3 is impossible) many times I’m the last one killed but with this the way it is, It’s too much of a chore to continue. I’m seriously thinking of quitting. Just tireed of the same old, same old and getting nowhere!

What is hard about it?

When you say T3 Abyss do you mean Argos? If so, what are your stats looking like? And engravings? And ilevel? And the same question of the people you are partying with?

I wouldn’t call argos or oreha too hard in any case. I know you are unsatisfied but it’s definitely not because it’s hard


wait wait wait.
You want to beat Argos phase 3 with a MM group?

or you talking about the clown and unicorn?

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my advice to you is to gear up 4x3 get at least lvl 5 gems and join a decent group that knows mehcanics. argos is litterly the baby raid in lost ark. Never use the random mm thats the pepga button.

They are to new players. They come in, rainbow stats and maybe 1x3. New players these days are to use to gigachads carrying them through them. None of them know mechanics and could care less to learn them because they can just leave and try for another group with a chad in it.

I got a couple of alts at 1370 and I have watched the quality of these groups rapidly decline in the last few weeks. And my 1370 alts are 4x3.


Seems so. According to my guild mates valtan and vykas nm is the same xD

Sorry I literally never struggled with Argos…failled it once and that was it. We were all on ilvl.

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Oreha hard ?

i kept all my alts at 1400 4x3 for months, and as express events provided increasingly higher gear levels, this led to two issues - poor party quality at low ilvl (1415 or less), and higher gatekeeping. I started having a really hard time getting into any argos lobby, despite being 1400 and fully built.

The solution was to hone for 1415, without making any build changes at all, still legendary acessories. Valtan isn’t that bad to be honest, you just have to know when a party is doomed and quit asap.
The honing cost is also minimal, i usually have bound stones saved and only have to buy orehas and pay the gold tax for each tap. 1400 > 1415 takes ~~100 orehas and roughly 3k gold total this way.


Just go to party search and look for “Free curry, no biscuits.”

you fight in a group of 8, but getting through the fight everyone dies, 3 or 4 tries and still get nowhere. Most are at the min level allowed and can’t seem to do enough damage

not funny

[Githall] argos

I’m 1430 Paladin, all my gems are 6 or higher. best stats I could make them and like I said many times I’m last or next to last man standing.

That’s how it was when he first came out. It took multiple attempts for me to get through the first week. Then the gatekeeping started. It’s tough when you’re new, but at least you have people who can help, we were on our own for a long time.


That’s what I’ve been doing. They are just my last two to bring up to 1415+

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dude a paladin
cmon ppl he trolling

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There are about 54 lobbies of “free carry no bid” for orheas and cheap busses for argos.

Just go for it.

Or learn patterns you will encounter again in legions while tryina do it with normal chars.

Altho yes, they are extremely challenging if you go there with no engravings or just one.

With the removal of most gold at early stages it s hard to even make up a set or have pheons. I feel your pain.

Id suggest to get carried a few times till you have enough gold for a 3x3 or 4x3 set