T3 alts, should I push them 1340 before funneling mats?

Hey guys, my main is sitting at 1340ilvl and got my first alt to T3.
So should I use my main mats to push my alt 1340 and then funnel everything or directly funnel and only use bound to push my alt?

Thanks for your time and sorry if it has already been answered :).
Have a nice day.

1340 is not bad to hit. up to 1350 isn’t too bad either but 1350 to 1355 has been a pain for me. went 0/15 yesterday with 15% xD

If you are funneling just to get your main mats to level its gear then just purely getting into T3 is what you want to do.

the question is brings 1340 benifits over 1325 i would right now with just the one normal abyss raid more its probably not really worth it but i suppose its not too wrong as well i would not go over 1340 with an alt for now

Cost associates with 1340 upgrade just makes it prohibitive because you barely get mats increase with access to Albion.

I would hold off until your main is 1385 at least and has access to research for T3 upgrade.

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