T3 bots in lost ark

Hi AGS we know you are working so hard on trying to make new content that already exists in Korea but was just wondering do we actually plan on getting rid of t3 bots showing up over punika now or shall I just accept that 90% of the EU version of this game is just hyper inflation along with people using 3rd party websites to rmt because you’re incapable of actually making a verification system for your game like how Korea does it. Lost ark has been successful in EU and NA however the fact that it’s your company that publishes it and after new world I know exactly how AGS handles issues. “Is the problem gone viral? No? ok great not a problem yet.” This type of attitude needs to stop. Just make it so that you can’t trade unless you verify your account via phone number or something and BOOM 80% of your bots are gone. Oh but you think you’re better than Korea and think that a wipe of bots every few months fixes the economy. Then again I don’t even think you have a member on your team that actually remotely understands what your player base wants. How I can log on and watch a sorc walk past me with the name ahsjgdhjadbiawndian every 2 seconds while I’m doing excavating is actually so stupid. To make things worse I don’t even see half of the bots because of the multi server trade post so yes to put it nicely your economy is fucked, you’re ruining a very fun and exciting game and you’re refusing to acknowledge the problem until it becomes too late just like how you handled new world. Maybe if you wasn’t recruiting bots to do everything for your company you would actually understand what some of us are frustrated about. You don’t even play your own game why of all companies did AGS have to publish lost ark. Thanks for ruining a perfectly good game. But don’t worry most of us will either quit or stick around till ashes, or the riot mmo do everyone a favour and keep your nose out of that shit. Thanks again for ruining such an amazing game.


Oh and don’t tell me to report them I report them every day.

at this point i would even do a captcha before every mainquest xD its just so annoying to see them pop up literally every second when sitting on an island, that is part of the mainquest… its not even possible to report them all because you have to give a 5 letter reason (which lately is just me hammering spacebar 5 times) and the worst part is i don’t even think reporting them is of any use… there must be thousands of reports coming in every minute and it doesnt seem to lead to automated bans… so who would ever check all these… the main problem is people enabling them by buying the gold they “provide”. I might not be up to date, but what is the punishment for rmt? a slap on the wrist and a 3 day break? its a joke. not a good one though

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the good thing about Amazonk is make fast money before the game ded.
bots? rmt? like they give a fk, when they saying “we fought/ban bots and rmt” you know thats BS like politician make a speech

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Sad but so true with big companies these days…

The plan is to put more useless restriction who annoys only legit players :slight_smile:

There is nothing that will fix the bots, not even phone number verification. The ONLY thing that works is accounts linked to your real life iD, which will never happen in NA/EU due to laws preventing it.

AGS has tried to do a SHITTON of things to help with the bots. But they will always come back, and do whatever they can to make money.

If you think it’s just an “AGS problem” you’re high as shit. Any publisher in the world would have this problem.

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I do agree about getting rid of bots as much as you can, but you being too much dramatic tbh

awful economy pretty much makes the game unplayable unless you have 6 alts and sell ur life to the game or rmt so idk if you think that this fact is dramatic I 100% know that a company can provide us with better services than this. I find it funny that there is a report button in game I reported the same bot from yesterday in punika and he still exists today. It’s cringe af but clearly you think t3 bots are not a problem I mean I guess it works out best off when you are buying gold from 3rd party sites. Nice f2p game.

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the hyper inflation started when they implemented the fraud prevention system (which is for bots) + bot ban waves, the fraud prevention system increased bc price from 400 to 900-1k, then the bot ban waves made it even worse in na w from 1k to 1,5k g per 100 bc

So when bots were pumping gold into the economy the second the bots are gone and you are unable to buy gold from 3rd party websites everything goes really expensive. Because the gold you now have is worth nothing which is why smart players are putting gold into crystals early and shard bags that will go up on every character release.

Baffles me that players actually think that rmt is a good thing.

never said so
never is
never will be

So easy to judge people,
I’m a f2p
But tell me, what is the definition of no life-ing? How many hours should I play per day to be normal person?

You playing since release and u haven’t managed to get a proper roster still? After 6 months?
This is you right now
doomsday syndrome

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wdym after last bot ban wave crystal prices went from 900-1000 to 500. Bot bans makes RMT cost higher so whales choose crystals more. You are lost on this buddy.
Edit: How do i know? i Saw crystal price go down to 500 and bought pet function 2-3 months upfront before this cosmos descended upon game world.

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I`m just hoping RIOT will learn something from this LA problem with bots and will find a good way to avoid it in their MMO. Oh, and this stupid system with pheons…
For LA (EU & NA) I can only say RIP