T3 content Overtuned

Today we gave it a good try to T3 abyss dungeon Oreha Preveza.
First boss no issues in terms of timers, the one shot spin is a bit off but very doable.
On the second boss, Albion, we come across with a stagger issue on the second timer. After using WW bombs and stagger DMG we could not beat that timer. We tried for over 2 hours. (GMs and mods can check logs on this if they want to)
After dying to other mechanics like stars, etc we really noticed that the second stagger is way over tuned. There is very limited time to bring it down hence taking way more damage going into the last phase of the boss.
Things to consider are: We were all 1340+ which is the recommended ilvl for this. Also, this was a semi-premade group.
If this happens under this circumstances with players that had 2 spare hours for one single dungeon, how can matchmaking players will be able to take this boss down?
If we understand correctly, matchmaking does not required any sort of voice chat to maintain some sort of strategy.
From what we have seen so far bosses for matchmaking should be less overturned for that same reason.
Like I mentioned, I don’t mind putting hours into the game and wiping after a few not finishing the boss but what about those with more limited time.
This is something AGS and Smilegate should consider for T3 content. Not all players play the game as a job to be able to progress in content and nor they should be considered into the same context.
This is not a rant but something that the majority of the player based will have issues facing once in T3 content and cannot or should be be overlooked for the longevity of the game as players will have issues having fun once reached this content.


no. your problem was you didnt take a stagger class, warlord of artilest mainly


If you don’t like it, don’t play, but don’t bother anyone if they like the game as it is


Couple people i know cleared this even by being below 1340, which means most attacks will be blocked and you take increased damage (2-3 hits taken = dead).

Starting from T3 ilvl is not the only factor. How min-maxed was your party? Combatstats, engravings etc.?

The stagger check is difficult and is not a mandatory “must do” mechanic. Most groups use the stagger check to deal damage instead of focusing on stagger.

I can assure you, the future contents will be less about ilvl and pure damage and more about mechanics, engravings, sub stat, card optimization and coordination. If you make a group with randoms, you need to make sure that everyone knows what to do OR you should be willing to sacrifice more time than needed. If you go in and only half of the members know the mechnics, it will be learning by doing…and that requires time/wipes.


And here we go already. Nothing against you personally but this type of posts is the reason why so many are against t1/t2 nerfs. Players will just hit an even bigger wall in t3 and then complain about difficulty. It is meant to be difficult.

Also, did you ever consider switching up your builds to use stagger skills and use stagger runes? What classes did you have in your party? Some classes simply suck for stagger mechanics (that’s why they should use bombs) while other classes such as a Shock Scrapper, Artillerist or Berzerker have a good amount of mid-high to high stagger skills.


And so it begins…


ok heres the problem. So many players put a big emphasis on ilvl which is terrible. ilvl is nothing more than the admission. ilvl is only there to make sure you meet the very minimum requirements. So when people are like oh i meet the minimum why cant i do the content. its hard to explain that the problem isnt the dungeon but all of the side stuff such as your main stat, engravings, tripod levels, etc.

i also want to say that the director of lost ark is extremely casual friendly. he provides ways for all players to be included in content including the players who have time commitment problems.

This game is just extremely against people who rush through the content. At the gear level your at, you should probably have around 2-3 lvl 3 engravings and be doing as a whole just 20% additive damage. but i can assure you that this isnt the case for a majority of your raid party tonight.


as everybody else here said it …

that is completely a failure on ur part for rushing to the itemlevel with probably no engravings or gems ( alone those are HUGEEEE) or skill points … or runes …( also HUGE )

i did it with matchmaking randoms and with a pf group

and we had absolutely ZERO problems even with non stagger classes…

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I posted this in another topic already and i can’t be bothered to type it out again.

Generally speaking, it doesn’t help the players to nerf early game content because it’s already an indication for the player of what’s to come. I’ve read some opinions that suggests Tier 1 for example teaches you basic mechanics and you have to learn how to walk first before you can start running. Players who skip the grind and the time to learn are more likely to fail later on and hit a wall because they don’t know the basics of their class, in game systems and mechanics. With that in mind those players shouldn’t complain and ask for nerfs now because they can’t progress any more due to the lack of knowledge.
That being said it suggests that the issue lies with constant time gating and the parallel emphasis on using the shop to progress faster through the item level restrictions. I think that the time gating and the possibilities that the shop offers, are not in line with nerfing specific content.
It also contradicts the idea of teaching the basics in the early game because you literally offer the players to jump straight to the end game. That is because the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing and therefore both hands have wrong priorities on what change is needed.
I think it’s a homemade problem and the solution lies within the collected data which is insufficient right now and with changing the priorities on what actually needs to change. The difficulty of content should be supported by the in game systems and basic mechanics.
An example for this is the massive grind for materials to upgrade your gear.
Nerfing the Guardian Raids for example will amplify the effects of the grind for materials and vice versa. It will show more clearly how tedious the grind is and players will probably leave the game because of that reason. If you nerf the grind to reach the next required item level then players have less time naturally to spend time learning stuff about the game.
With that being said i think it is important to balance the difficulty of content based on the effort that is required by players in order to reach this content.

Lastly i want to suggest that the priorities need to be reconsidered and that there needs to be a general overview of all aspects of the game before changing something. Whatever it is.

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You have to be 1340+ otherwise you will have an incredibly hard time.

Soon as I hit 1340 which was the actual requirement the fight didn’t hurt me and the boss died for us in one go…

It’s just all about ilvl.

Wish we could downvote posts… posts like this will make them nerf T3 content. Please no. No more nerfs for the casuals…


Its just like some people already said. Your ilvl is just a tiny piece of your over all dps and performance. For example tripod level literally double your dmg output, gems also pushs your dmg very high, all these systems are “baked” in that ilvl requirements, if you only rush ilvl you will fail, so stop the freakin rush and care for your other progresssion systems


The T3 content is not overtuned at all, the idea that “I’m at this ilvl I should be able to clear this the first day otherwise nerf” needs to stop.


lmao no one ever complained about the stagger check on Albion in RU. This constant whining, especially on T3 content, needs to stop.


Play the game, Learn the Game, Learn the mechanics, kill them bosses. STOP CRY ABOUT DYING IN RAIDS OR DUNGEONS WTF IS GOING ON WITH PEOPLE IN THIS CENTURY! GO BACK TO KINDERGARTEN AND PLAY LEGO OR STH OMFG IM GETTING ANGRY! Sry but you guys destroy a very wonderful game for very much people with your complaining about difficult bosses.

Back in days 2004 people tried like 500-1000 times on 1 fucking boss to kill it. Now People giving up after a few hours. They raided bwl like 14 weeks until first clear!!! … pls guys stop complaining


And it’s already started agahaha the game is doomed.

Also if you don’t want to learn go play ffxiv


People literally cleared the abyss with chars under 1340 where the bosses block almost every ability, its a you issue. Not a balance issue.


yes t3 overtuned lets nerf it

It’s not


just wait till argus comes , you people will cry even more then

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