T3 fail rate is too high

I’m not one to usually complain about gear enhancing since coming from BDO where it’s insanely more painful than LA but…Legion raids coming out in 1 week has me worried.

You need 1415 to enter it and I don’t think I will make it at this rate of failing my gear in T3. I am even using maximum breaths and stones to boost the % every time and still fail 4 or 5 times before getting even +8.

What has me worried is the people who will make it to 1415 out of luck and then will learn the new fights and then shun those who don’t know the fight out. If a raid comes out and not everyone has access to it, there’s going to be huge issues. When legion raids came out in Korea, everyone was already ready and had the ilvl for a long time before hand.

You need to boost the likelihood of a successful enchant under +15. Otherwise the material sink is far to high compared to what we need to enter current and upcoming content.