T3 feels like a scam

The amount of materials we get from T3 chaos dungeons and guardian raids and is so absurdly low that it feels like a scam of your time.

170 Guardian Stone, 60 Destruction Stone, 4 Leapstone is my average loot from my daily T3 1340 2 Chaos Dungeons.

After dismantling all gear from chaos dungeons I barely have enough materials for one 15% try to upgrade my gear, I need 2 or 3 days of materials to even attempt to upgrade my weapon.

So tell me dear Amazon and Smilegate, how am I supposed to hit 1370 when I can with full rotation hit 2 taps per day and 1 tap for weapon each 2 - 3 days (assuming everything fails 4-5 times) before it succeed that means I will be 1370 in late next month.

Idk, did you even test the game before publishing it?


Game is designed for whales, the only type of F2P that’ll reach that level is if they dedicate most of their life to playing 8+ hrs a day on multiple alts for months on end.

It doesn’t mean the game is bad, but just not something I think will do well in the West where MMOs are a lot more lenient.

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Honestly after hearing this I think I’m going to just chill in T2 until this gets fixed. I am happy you deadzone players are vocal for the rest of us because that’s a big yikes


We got the botched AGS version of Lost Ark haha, wish we just got the actual KR version with the skins, classes and content instead of them drip feeding.

Idk how many people are gonna wait around when a new WoW xpac for example is about to be announced soon along with many other hyped releases this year.

Guess we gotta see who remains and who doesn’t a month or two from now :person_shrugging:


It’s hard to believe that no one in dev team noticed 1340 loophole so most likely it feels like a scam because that’s exactly what it is.

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Yeah getting less than 300 stones for tier 3 honing combined in 2 dungeons is such a fucking scam. Also I dont care what people say but these % are fucking straight up bullshit.

Had a stone where I had 25% chance of succeeding so of course I start hammering away on the negative effect but you know what? 7 TIMES IT SUCCEEDED 7 FUCKING TIMES! But then I went out and started spending all my honing materials that I have been saving up since i reached tier 3 and i fucking fail a 70%+ hone 6 time in a row… Fuck this bullshit


good argument, but in korea the f2p can keep up with content, honing chances are higher and they have a LOT more honing material drops and places to get them from, amazon deliberately made the game grinder and harder for EU/US


Yea we are literally missing 5-7 different sources of materials for honing.

But who would have guessed that when Amazon got a part of this release nothing else than money mattered?


Either that or the “bad comunication” that Gold River mentioned before. You can think that AGS might be manipulating data, so Smile Gate is just releasing patches according to the data AGS is sending to them.


Everything about the game is a scam in some way. That’s why people keep saying just play at your own pace, enjoy the side stuff and don’t worry about GS so much.

Every corner you walk past is an AGS/SG employee offering you some crystal in hopes you come back with your retirement fund to buy more.

Just play and have fun, go collect some Mokoko seed’s and when the grind outweighs the fun, move on to greener pastures.


I agree, i wanted to like this game, got the founders package and everything. But i wasn’t expecting all the delays. I cannot make it even to T3, i’m at 1020ilvl, and the chaos dungeons get me on try to update per day. I’ve done the island queuts i could to get the upgrade mats.

I would buy the T3 set for the 50 EUR they ask for, if it contined T3 gear, but it does not, it only contains crystals that release at odd times to then go and buy honing mats for as far as i understand.

I would do more island quests, but joining to have to wait for islands to spawn is not fun. I would do crafting, but i’m running out of crafting energy too quickly. I would do quests, but even those tell me now after a quick interaction to come back the next day.

Guess i have to stop playing and come back in a couple of patches, hoping that they fix this. just a shame that i would still have over 30 days of aura left.


This is not how the game works on other regions tho. I’ve played on RU and I know that it wasn’t like that and I’ve heard that KR is even better handled for the F2P players.

I don’t mind whales being 1430 right now and f2p players being 1385, but f2p players being stuck due to:

  • having a job therefore not spamming 24/7 endless chaos dungeons
  • not spending 1k € in order to unlock new content

It’s just money grab, I’m happy that most of the community realized that and is vocal about it because it’s just pathetic.

Its not just f2p. Even moderate spenders are stuck in the 1340-1370 abyss. You have to be a whale or a kraken to do the current raid and that is dumb. I put a ton of time and money in and still cant do it. I think the time alone I have in should make me able to play the most current raids (450+ hrs… alt and main in t3 and 2 alts in t2) but like the OP said… when you get a hand full of stones every day and you have to full pity for each piece to succeed there is definitely a financial incentive to amazon at the expense of the player base imo. I too played in RU and this feels like a very cheap trick to just make a quick buck.


I’m literally only getting on into t3 to get all my runes and gems leveled for a hopeful fix this Thursday.

Oh no this accident here made us a lot of money, sorry guys lol. Yeah someone have malicious intent either Smilegate or AGS

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Also another thing that is just over the roof insanely stupid are character bound materials.


Those are the materials I’ve gathered on my T3 alt and they are basically useless as I can not transfer them to the character I need them on.


The issue is that there’s a lot of implicit systems that the game doesn’t make very clear to players. This is why I’ve been saying that it’s almost impossible to untangle information about rates vs information about crappy UI and player direction. I actually just learned (via reading the reddit last night) that there’s an island you’re supposed to do every day that lets you get currency to buy resource chests (with a carry limit weekly, rather than roster limit) to funnel to your stash to use on your main.

Maps are really important for stars (or whatever the +rate things are called).

So the stronghold to make maps is really important, doing the map thing is important. All stuff I learned way too late.

Tons of little things like that, that the game does zero job of explaining to players so they think (as I thought before I got burned out) that it was literally just do basic dailies or whale.

It’s this game knowledge which some people have, which are going to come in and tell you to L2P or whatever, but the broader feedback here is that people shouldn’t have to read guides and follow streamers like they’re getting a bachelor’s degree just for basic progression. Hell even grad school was easier for me than this, since at least the expectations in grad school were always clear. Here is what you are to do, here are your expectations.

Relying on players to watch guides themselves results in a situation where they don’t know what they should know (but don’t) so they never even know they were supposed to look at that topic. It’s rough man.


why would you transfer? those stones wont be usless like t1/t2 ones. in time you will want alt on 1370+

Yeah it’s what happens when you have a game that has been released 3 years ago with systems on top of systems on top of systems, catchups on top of catchups, layer on layer. It’s a lot. And honestly many players don’t like the content that these elements contain, either, and aren’t interested in doing it, because it isn’t why they play MMORPGs. But, yes, many players are leaving mats on the table because they aren’t doing every scrap of content that there is available, because they simply don’t know it exists, and they didn’t get an online degree in Lost Ark prior to playing.

Yep. Well you need to do everything to get mats at that level. Chaos, guardian, abyssal, Tower, cube, maps, chaos gates, inconvenienty timed islands, resource gathering and sales, pirate merchant exchange, guild merchant exchange, infinite chaos exchange, alt mat funnels, etc. You need all of it to get your main to T3, and so the question becomes – do you want to do all of that or not? If you don’t, it takes a hella long time to get there, especially if you’re just doing dailies and 2x chaos. I think this is a place where a lot of players are going to get off the bus ride, to be honest, and wait for a honing buff.

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Sure I am going to push to 1370 my alt someday, but at that time I will have 3x of those materials on the alt already. Why I have to pay ~100€ worth of real money in order to have something that I’ve already gathered on my alt?