T3 Gear is untradable, why?

If you’ve reached 250 by now, which I hope you have unless you just started playing, then you probably know that T1 chaos dungeons drop a ton of gear while you have Aura of resonance, this drop rate is decently reduced at T2 but isn’t that big of a deal as you could buy whatever you missed from the market and it’s not expensive at all.

Now that i’ve just reached T3 and finished the Punika quests, I found out that T3 gear has a similar if not a bit lower drop rate than T2 but is untradable compared to T2 gear. Apparently other players have already pointed out this same issue but I can’t seem to find the threads on the forums. And those same players, like myself, have unfortunately missed a drop from the T3 chaos dungeon, which is putting us below that 1302 item level mark, preventing access to the higher content and weekly shops needed to upgrade our gear further. The main issue is that in KR and RU the T3 chaos gear is apparently tradable, which prevents this gatekeeping thats happening to us from bad RNG, and for some players has happened for multiple days.

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