T3 honing reset to 0% after 100% artisan energy

I honed a set of T3 purple pauldrons from 14 to 15 with 100% artisan energy and it failed, then reset the energy still at 14. I attempted to hone it one more time, thinking that sometimes the percentages are not quite right and it set the new artisan energy to 4.63%

As you can imagine, I’m pretty upset. What can I do to fix this? I did not get an error message, just a rollover to 0% and a weeks worth of energy building lost.

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This is a first I ever heard of this? Did maintenance break something? Or you were 13 → 14, succeeded the 100% pity, but you thought you were already 14.
Or you selected a different gear piece to upgrade.
I’ve no idea.

Best proof or way to verify would be to have screenshot of +14 gear with 100% artisan, then it became +14 with 0%. But why would anyone take screenshot of that.