T3 in Mari's? WTF?

Can we have an explanation why there are suddenly T3 Mats in Mari’s Shop without any announcement? Or why they are in there in the first place?

Having T1 - T2 mats in there is one thing and it was totally fine to assist as catchup mechanic but what the heck is up with T3 mats?

I don’t think anyone really appreciates this and this should not be a thing, at least not as long as there is nothing to really catchup in T3 and we are fully at the beginning of it.

The goal of Mari’s shop are to provide very cheap, limited materials bound to the character so they are unsellable.

This makes the low amount of resources that F2P/Low paying players have on par with the whales as both players have access to the same small amounts of materials.

Buying on auction house is EXTREMELY expensive and almost always worse than buying on the Mari’s shop. Especially with t2/t3 materials at this level and even tier 1 harmony shards and leapstones.

I don’t think you understand how the Mari’s shop works or what impact T3 materials even have. The prices on the auction house right now are extraordinarily higher for T2/T3 materials than they are on Mari’s and its supposed to be this way.

Both F2P and Whales will be buying from there, but there’s a limited amount so the whales will also be buying from the auction house at an insane premium while F2P/Low paying players are making gold off of these whales, turning them into crystals and buying cheap mats off the Mari’s shop.

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Ofc Mari’s is cheaper and I know this. However, I am not a fan of materials coming out of nowhere that can potentially influence the market. The market should be fully driven by offer and request. If people decide to sell their mats instead of progressing, it should impact them in their decision making.

Mari’s materials are bound by design. So this problem doesn’t exist in the way you think it does.

Most F2P players will (and should) sell their unbound materials and buy the Mari’s shop materials for cheap. For the most part, its a much more efficient way to progress.

I know they are bound, it still does exactly work the way I think it does.

Day with many T3 mats in the market = people will tend to sell their unbound mats = market price drops.

The overall amount of mats in mari’s are so limited, that it doesn’t give any meaningful upgrade potential.

Yes. As it should naturally be. This is a good thing. Also remember Mari’s mats are limited and bound. Those with limited resources will make full use of Mari’s and those with extremely high resources (whales) will have to farm out that auction house.

Honestly, if you are in t3 and just farming gold, enjoy it while it lasts because that gold price WILL correct itself over time as the gold supply rises.