T3 Launch Guide | MinMaxing | Fast Progression

So guys since T3 is coming @ Launch… All my collected materials / launch plans are obsolete and like 40h of research are now worthless…

Do you have any tips how to start for good progression speed idk anymore when to start level my alts etc.

Lets use this thread for a MinMaxing discussion.

  • still relevant… Anyone has some sources yet ?

Google exist…

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chill, you still need to progress through T1 and T2

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Never heard of that casual content :pepe:

Which research is now irrelevant, exactly? Example?

Don’t worry too much. T3 at launch DOES NOT mean you can skip or ignore T1 and T2 and go straight to T3 any time soon. You still need tons of materials from T2 to upgrade your gear level to reach a required ilvl to unlock T3 region. You will still need T1, T2 gears and will be using them for a quite a bit until you farm enough materials to enhance your gears.

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