T3 players with no engravings

And now nerfs. Just so we can have these clueless people taking part in everything.

Who in their right mind thinks that everyone should be T3? There are people that dont even know the basics out there… Why should I be forced to have them in my game?


This is why with Find Party, you can review the gear of those individuals and just not invite them.

Those of us, who want to have a proper experience in these dungeons/raids etc, know where to look for/expect. So don’t worry, those scrubs with no clue as to what they’re meant to do, will not be in your groups, unless you do a matchmaking.

Also there is no penality for leaving a group. So if you do come across the low IQ’ed individuals, just leave and find another group. It will save you a lot of unwanted frustration due to those scrubs wanting to be carried through content.


This post is ridiculous for quite a good number of reasons

  • No Proof
  • If a fresh T3 player just got there, it’s normal it’s engravings will suck or be missing in the early “days”, until they can redo their build
  • Assuming this is “your game”.

Stop finding ridiculous excuses to justify your elitism over nerfs that barely affect you at all


looks like someone dosent know basics and dont know where to look :stuck_out_tongue:



so true :smiley:

No proof? You will have your proof when you reach T3 dont worry:P. Especially with these nerfs EVERYONE will be there in no time.

A T3 that just got there has at least 10k gold. He does not wait for gear to drop. He buys it ffs. facepalm.

No it is not my game. It is a game that seems to be made for people like you. Swipe and enjoy I guess.

and again you show that you dont know basics :smiley:


I am in T3.

And side note - have you actually tried to buy gear in T3? :)…


I think most of the people trying to say the OP is wrong are people probably still stuck in T1/T2 content or don’t have an idea as to how to build their character :smiley:

but you are aware that t3 gear cant be bought, ppls are crying about missing 1 set item for days :stuck_out_tongue:

hes probably talking specifically about the jewelry

This is why with Find Party, you can review the gear of those individuals and just not invite them.

Yesterday in T3 a Demonic Impulse Shadowhunter applied to my group that had ZERO specialization (its main and only stat they care about), and the other members I’ve already invited flamed me for not wanting to invite him telling me I should get over myself. It is my group, I get to decide if I want to have a painful run with clueless people or a quick and smooth run with likeminded non-beginners.

The playerbase is way too casual right now.

shush - he is showing how little he actually understands it and that he ain’t even T3 at this point :stuck_out_tongue: let him burn himself :smiley:

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Are you all serious right now? I was talking about engravings in gear

yeah it happens the same when u jump from t1 to t2 , the engravings are screwed over .


lol buying your way to elitism is hardly something to brag about haha

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yea prabobly but what does it change if they buy it or drop it is beyond me :slight_smile:
even more that you can chose what you are buying in oposite to having just luck and getting what you want :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I dont even have to point out how confused you are:P


It’s not that hard to understand.

looks at OP Or maybe it is.