T3 powerpass for supports?

Theres obv a lack of supports in game and while you dont need them for valtan you will need it later on. How about giving us t3 powerpasses for supports only? Brings you straight to 1100 ilvl. I think it would help increase the amount of supports by a lot.


It’s nothing to do with Developers, if people want more supports they should start making support alts. There shouldn’t be free T3 power passes handed out just because you want supports to make your raids easier

make a support alt to be part of the solution.

Id like to but none of them interest me. But I would play one if I got a t3 one instantly. Not a fan of bards skills, paladin feels weird and not gonna play a artist cuz it looks like a middle schooler.

sure make a lot of t3 supports that will sit there because the same people who play dps will still pour their upgrade mats into dps …

My support main friends would get what? A DPS? They worked extra hard leveling a toon that does zero damage. Leveling a DPS to them is like a beautiful summer day! Get to work boys!

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Doing that with how supports currently are would help a little, but ultimately there needs to be more changes for it to make sense.

Either do it with the artist release, or revamp bard/paladin DPS abilities for solo play.

This way of thinking really is astonishing.

It is in human nature to pick something that’s more advantageous/appealing in general. Do we blame the consumer for choosing A rather than B? The answer is almost always no. It is up to the maker/creator/manufacturer/developer, whatever the situation may be, to make B more appealing to the general public.

What makes game any different? While I don’t agree with player base always bashing on developers and/or blaming developer for how the player base react in a certain way, it is only THEM who can really change things for the better. Do I think this is the only solution? No. I hate playing supports, but I made supports alts and actually pushed it to 1370+ JUST so that I can help guildies alts push raids/dungeons without having to sit there looking for supports for hours. But realistically speaking, trying to move the general public one direction is never the efficient method.

I do agree that to certain extent, if developers are incompetent to change the class to make it more appealing, then offering some sort of incentive to support classes would somewhat help the situation. I don’t think this would bring a permanent resolution, but it would definitely greatly help the situation even if it’s temporary.

the idea is good but unfair for support mains who played hard to reach high ilvl.

That’s like saying it’s unfair to offer any sort of events to ANYONE when I pushed my main to 1415 before all these free mat events, drop revamp, honing revamp, express mission, etc. so on and on. Express progression is actually a thing in Korean mmorpgs.

The solution that Lost Ark can adopt from FFXIV:


Incentivize low population classes with earnable rewards while doing group contents. Rewards could be cosmetic in nature, 1 or 2 card pack, card exp, honing protection mats, pirate coin, or Amethyst shard.

These are just some examples, I’m sure AGS/SG have a highly capable team who could come up with better reward system.


if they will give an express event it always should be for all classes not specific one. people should take the initiative to pick a support alt.

i agree with giving support more rewards. people already do this now actually. “LF 1 sup we pay you xxx gold.”

We currently have an event that you can actually boost one character for support - I highly recommend everyone to do the same. Our static group is taking turn to make 1 support for each of us currently as well.

It’s not that hard with the mats to funnel into 1 character you can get there. Use this event wisely if you’re not planning to play destroyer.

There is imo not much of a shortage of supports overall, but simply shortage at highest content levels.

E,g. There are actually tons of support alts, but most aren’t at highest content tier yet.

Yes, I’m sure overall there are more dps, of course. But whatever that ratio is overall ( total dps : total supports ), it is much lower at the highest current content tier (was argos p3, now valtan)

You see this quite clearly doing basic T3 activities like normal abyss (1325 or 1340 dungeons). Some runs have no support but even random matchmaker had plenty of supports usually.

So PP for more T3 supports won’t help imo, because the shortage isn’t at basic T3 tiers but at upper end ‘whatever is current highest tier content’

In short, fair or unfair, good idea or bad, you’d have to offer huge honing tweaks for supports only in order to get more 1415+ supports vs the legions parked at 1325, 1340, or 1370