T3 set is an illusion

What’s the point of the first T3 set falling into chaos and not being tradable? Really? Who had this idea? Do you have any idea of ​​the problem you created?

Yesterday I arrived at T3, I did the 2 chaos and the glove didn’t come. Is today? No gloves.

Conclusion? I’m stuck in a limbo where I can’t make any T3 content until I get the glove. What’s the problem with putting it up for sale at the Action House?

Please explain to me. Because I’m very frustrated with this situation and very discouraged from playing. It makes no sense for me to be logged into the game because of this situation.

The game simply tells you:

“Dude, you’ve reached T3. The beginning of true high-end content. Try doing some horizontal progression, go & search mokoko seeds. Try the tower or do an adventure tome. You can get back to your grinding tomorrow. Have some fun :)”.

Don’t expect that you’ll get everything you want so easily, T1 and T2 were just a tutorial. Even current T3 is in some sort.

Quick edit: Relax, all you need is upgrade mats. You’ll have to grind for weeks until Argos anyways if you’re not a whale. Keep collecting them so once you get your full t3, you’ll be able to quickly upgrade it.


We all had to go through this. Its not perfect and we all wish it would change but odds are that change wont happen anytime soon. All you can do is run some other content or work on an alt until tomorrow. I got lucky only took me like 3 days I think. The longest complaint ive seen on the forums was at like 9 days which is very difficult to even fathom just how bad your RNG would have to be at that point :rofl:

The reason they changed this t onon-tradeable I believe is because on tripods; so they would be a bit more difficult to complete that early.

Yeah thats probably true… honestly they should just give us a box that has a full set without any tripod levels on it. At least people would be able to start progression that way.


Yep it’s terrible design. Have you already used your Login bonus Resonance elixirs? That would allow you to run 5 more.

Thankfully you don’t lose out on the weekly vendors (event, guild, pirate coins…) since the reset is still days from now.

And you get at least compensated for 50% of what you lost if you don’t do Guardian raid and Una’s tasks until 1302, because you’ll then get T3 rewards with rest bonus.

I get my full set on the third day. In this 2 free gear tier days i went and start adventure tomes and rapports. No big deal for me. Gear is not everything and you have almost to none content. You have 2 guardians to 1370 and 2 raids on normal. I did all of them for 1 day and then nothing. Play alts, horizontal content.

Go do anguished Isle, to unlock the vendor and start your daily grind for the omnium star. Vendor has 50 t3 leapstones for purchase.

Just wait till your 1370 and you gotta wait a full week for new gear. Smh. It only gets worse the higher you go.

well 1370 gear is legendary. I don’t expect i will have it on first day. This would be madness.

The horizontal progression in the long run is worth more even, so start now! Also have a look at your rapports and boost social stats :smiley:

We got that item which replenishes your aura. Should be good for enough runs to get the complete set.

I do find it amazing that people who didn’t get a full set on day 1 in chaos on T3 feel like they need to quit, and just can’t be patient for 1 or 2 more days…

Just makes me think how these people “feel” once they are 1340 and are in their climb to 1370.

So you can’t buy and sell triports


I managed to catch the last part on the third day.

I read all the comments and I really appreciate your help. During this time that was stuck, I decided to focus on my alts and also the horizontal content as mentioned by many of you.

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