T3 Superior Leap Support Pack is not worth purchasing

I think this only applies to NAE but you lose roughly 19k gold by purchasing the packs rather than just buying gold. Please check my math on this it’s not my strong suit lol. Obviously prices will change, but these are the prices I got off the market/AH as of today.

math on the boxes:
They cost roughly 74,000 gold (3000 x 26 is 6,188 rc)
40 leaps x 3 chests x 127 g each= 15,240 gold
100 solar graces x 50 gold - 5000 gold
50 solar blessings x 120 gold - 6000 gold
20 solar protections x 224 gold - 4,480 gold
50 silver coins worth 20k silver each - 10,000 gold
20 honor shard pouches x 725 gold - 14,500 gold
Total: 55,220 gold. You’re better off buying gold and purchasing mats.