[T3] The Gear farm not right - please revise this excruciating process

It is inconceivable that the only way to get 1302 gear is to do Chaos Dungeon twice a day and if you are not lucky enough to get 6 pieces of 1302 gear from the start you will be locked for the day with nothing to do on your main because nothing opens up unless you are 1302 gear. You can’t research Stronghold materials, you can’t join guardians, you can’t buy honing gear from merchants, you can’t hone your gear since materials come to you based on the content you are able to do which is limited to two pieces of chaos dungeons a day.

I received 8 weapons and 6 hands in one run of chaos dungeon. The next one I received 2 legs, 2 hands, 2 weapons and 2 heads. So therefore I am locked for the day just because of “luck”, now if someone wants to defend this filthy tactic that the game has, just a reminder in T3 you cannot trade gear that you get from Chaos dungeon as in T2, so you are locked until:
a) you either get all the gear parts
b) spend money in the game to buy every upgradable materials from AH so you can gain the lost ilvl of 2 low 1100 peices, which is alot since +6(honing) gives you +23 ilvl per piece that is.

To tell you the math:
you have 6 pieces that need to be average 1302 to get 1302 ilvl on char.
if you have (4x1325 + 2x1100)/6 = 1250 → you are still missing 52 ilvl that you require to spend alot in advance just to do basic T3 stuff.

I would like to request that you remove silver from the 1100 Chaos dungeon and increase gear drops. Especially increase the gear drops at the end of the Chaos dungeon. This is not the way to increase ilvl or to open up the game to people.

Me being locked out of content while guildmates can do it is excruciating toward gameplay.

PS. Everyone should get full 1302 gear from first chaos done at 1100 and also let the gear drop after the Aura is consumed(100 aura you receive every day at 11 to do 2xChaos dungeons). I only got accessories yesterday for some reason, do not know if gear has lower% which is insane if you think about it.

Also please don’t come in here to defend this “kind of item progression” just because you feel so good cause you got lucky to get full gear from first run.

This is not how a game should work.


Yea the same thing happened to me. I only need my pants for 1302 ilvl. I guess the rate drop were lower because the gear itself have the +lvl skill tree. I agree with you AGS should make the t3 gear tradable.

I wonder how many people have the same problem like this. Even some of them spend days just to get the missing gear ? damn. Its frustrating


There’s been a ton of threads this past week regarding this issue, and no CM has ever replied to any of them. Personally, I’ve been stuck since yesterday (unfortunate timing especially because of weekly reset) because I’m missing a damn shoulder armor. And today I got screwed over by the game. AGAIN. I just needed ONE to get my shit going.

People have been quite dismissive of this issue saying a lot of things in this game are RNG and to just deal with it. I don’t really give a damn about honing RNG or whatever, since you still get PITY RATES to make up for it. But there is no pity rate whatsoever for missing a piece of untradeable 1302 gear. It’s completely out of our control, and absolutely infuriating to know that the gear was tradeable in KR/RU and this change was made specifically for NA/EU.

So what’s the deal? Why is there no transparency regarding this subject? And what is the point? This is not some godlike gear you can get. It’s literally the starter gear. I get the reason for the low drop rate given that tripods exist on these gears, but why isn’t it a given to make it tradeable so people can help each other out by putting them on the AH, or at least make the whole set GUARANTEED? We’re all missing out on progression because it’s completely out of our control.


odd part is: KR/RU dont have T3-base-gear as untradeable…
its another pointless change amazon probably requested without thinking it through.


Yup, can’t play the game due to this, went from actually having fun to being rightfully mad. I am 2 resets in, no gloves. literally all my friends are now 1302+ and enjoying content


stuck on this for my 3rd day in a row after reaching 1.1k item level being in the 10% worst luck on upgrades according to some datasheet. 0 pants, I have 11 pair of gloves tho. All daily content went down from 2 bosses/2-4 missions in compass/3 unas dailies/2 chaos runs and weekly abyssal runs down to having 2 chaos dungeon runs per day and that’s it. Takes maximum of 10minute to complete.

i wish everybody else atleast is having great weekend.


I legit have not gotten my full set from chaos dungeon and its the third day. make them tradeable or 100% drop rate. This is 100% a bad design choice, you cannot gate players like that for stupid unlucky drops of all the things that can drop in a t3 chaos dungeon. its actually hard to get full set unless you are just randomly lucky. PLEASE change this.


No other region has this change, why change something that not needed? There is no bad luck protection here, the person that thinks this is a good change haven’t taken account to the unlucky people. Its a completely unnecessary change.


the premise here is compared to kr/ru version, the western cow is here to be milked to the bone. the more you are stuck in-game, the more time you have to spend money. The moment more people start hitting this nonsense wall, numbers will go down rapidly.

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Yeah completely agree.

I got to 1100 with my chaos done for the day already, but with 2 una tasks left. Those tasks still gave t2 materials, so absolutely no point doing them. Can’t buy gear off market since t3 blues are untradeable. Overfarming chaos doesn’t drop gear and can’t use the vendor until 1302 so no point doing it. Well whatever I can progress on t3 tomorrow, right?

Next day do my chaos. Get 5/6ths of a set, missing the helmet. Means I can do literally zero t3 content. Item level 1274 after upgrading things as high as possible (doesn’t help that a t3 story dungeon bugged out and didn’t give me the first clear rewards), can’t use any vendors to try to push it higher since they need 1302, t3 blues untradeable and t3 purples need 1302 item level to trade.

This is plain stupid. If you get unlucky and don’t get a full t3 set you can get locked out of doing anything except chaos for days and days. Do your daily chaos runs and if you don’t get lucky just immediately log off.

Just wastes days of progress for absolutely no reason. If it happens 4 days in a row you might as well quit, because clearly the game doesn’t want you playing it lol.


Pre-Argos, they did.

i did my chaos dungeon this morning to hit 110, then did the main quest to not be able to hit 1300 item score. this is beyond infuriating.

It is literally the same as for T1/T3. I had the same thing happen to me on T2 and on T3 I got lucky and had everything in 2 Runs of Chaos Dungeon. T2 took me two days to get my full set.

However, somehow, I don’t mind. Not the end of the world, if it takes me a few days until I can progress further, game offers enough side content. :person_shrugging:

Maybe they could just add the base gear to the vendor for the currency you get from doing runs past the first two? That way nobody is at the mercy of RNG to get the base set.

It’s not the same. t1 you can definitely buy blue gear (item trade level 250). I think the same is true for t2, but haven’t explicitly checked (should be item trade level 600). t3 blue gear is untradeable so the market cannot help you if you’re missing an item. Also I swear the chaos dungeon drop rate is much lower for t3 gear. Seems like a lot of people have had this issue because a lot of people around Punika ask for blue gear and lots of people explain how it’s untradeable and they themselves got stuck for multiple days without a set.

And the item level gain per honing level is much higher on t1/t2 gear. On tier 1/2 +1 honing on one item is +20 item level for that item. So 20/6 = ~ +3.33 item level per hone per gear item. So if you’re missing one piece of tier 1/2 gear then it might be possible to get enough item level to enter guardian raids or abyss dungeons just from honing, especially with the abundance of materials available from islands (and even if you don’t manage to get enough, the islands means there’s still relevant content for you to do). Doing some calculations, with 1 item stuck at 600 then I think 5 items at 840 or so gear level (so as low as +2, and remember you get +1 for free from gear transfer on your old gear) will be enough to get you to 802 to enter the first tier 2 guardian raid, so you’re able to access some content at least.

On tier 3 gear +1 honing is ~ +3 item level on that item (at least for the first couple of levels, maybe it changes later on). So about 0.5 per honing level per item lol. And there are ZERO islands you can do for t3 materials. Which means you have no chance of getting to 1302/1320/1340 short of dropping what 50,000 gold buying materials lol. So if you don’t have a full t3 set the only relevant content is waiting until tomorrow for your next chaos dungeon. Yes you can run anguished isle at 1100 if you have keys, but you can’t buy the t3 leapstones from the vendor until you get to 1302 so you can’t actually get t3 materials from it until you get a full t3 set.

I am not talking about honing, I am talking about item drops. And the only reason why people have “problems” getting their together is because it is indeed untradeable. Which is how it should be in my opinion. But thats of course just my opinion. I have no problem with being in the minority here :person_shrugging:

you chose not to buy your gear from the ah, t3 gear is untradeable! people dont have that choice
get off your high horse


Why do you think it should be untradeable? How does RNG locking people out of days of rewards on Una tasks and guardian raids add anything at all to the game? The game has a very clear focus on dailies so it seems somewhat desirable for players to be able to access dailies that give meaningful rewards for them lol (I wouldn’t care so much about missing dailies if the game didn’t have such an extreme focus on dailies).

Point is, when you hit t3 all t2 daily rewards cease to be meaningful (gotta get those sweet sweet t2 leapstones so I can sell them for 1 silver apiece!). If you get an incomplete t3 set from chaos you end up in limbo where t2 content no longer has meaningful rewards for you but you can’t actually access any t3 content (except for the daily chaos dungeon runs, which take 10 mins tops and hey you already expended those so try again tomorrow).

This does not happen at t2 or t1 because you can compensate by buying blue gear or honing to get the item level necessary to run tier appropriate content, and you also have meaningful island rewards you can work on as an alternative.

t3 would be okay if
a) you could buy t3 blue gear
b) there was a 100% drop rate on getting a full set of 1302 gear from your first 2 chaos dungeons
c) you could run SOME t3 content at ~1270 if you happened to get RNG screwed on getting your set
d) you could overfarm chaos dungeons to get the gear item you’re missing

Any of those things would go a long way to resolving the issue for me.

My situation is that I’ve gone from feeling excited to hit t3, to feeling like I should just immediately log off after an unproductive chaos dungeon session. And from there it will only take little persuasion to convince me not to bother logging back on at all. It doesn’t help that it takes longer to start the game up than it does to run 2x chaos.


so you are ok with those stuck in limbo between 1100 and 1302 only having 10 minutes of content per day? with no way of progressing outside of rng, and the rng in this case is actually supposed to be guaranteed?


no its not the same, t1 and t2 blue gear can be bought from ah, (so if you do chaos first time in t1 and t2, and not get one or two starting pieces, you can buy them from AH) but t3 starting blue gear is bound, so you cant buy them from ah if you miss 1 piece. That means you are still stuck in t2, and u cant do t3 content. Some guy on chat today said he stuck for 7 days missing one piece of gear.

Chiming in here; same here. I ran both Chaos after clearing Punika and got 3/6 items needed for 1302.

Thusly locking me out of Chaos Gate 1302, Guardian 1302, and Dailies for T3 material. Instead I am stuck wasting a day on T2 items that are untradable.

It took me 4 total Chaos Runs (2 Days) to get a full set. I was lucky and the last item from the 4th run were the pants needed.

On an additional note; are the Warrior Tier 3 Blue sets suppose to be miscolored?

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