Taco Bell breakfast

Anyone had it before? I really like Wendy’s breakfast and I’m wondering if Taco Bell is the superior fast food breakfast experience.

Wendys biscuit/croissant sandwiches are pretty good. I would say the best of the fast food chain restaurants, especially if you add honey butter to the biscuit.

Finally a usefull post on forums! Even thought there is no taco bell or wendy’s in norway :stuck_out_tongue:

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Waiting to hear complaints… just like everything else…

I prefer tacos on a Wednesday. That’s right I’m rebelling.

I’ve never had breakfast there so I would assume its trash. If i ever feel like having a breakfast burrito I have the luxury of going to a real mexican restraunt tho. I know not all areas have this option.

I figured I’d fill a needed gap by contributing something valuable here

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I’ve heard their breakfast is decent, but i prefer going all out on breakfast food and going with Waffle House.

Sadly we don’t have a Waffle House nearby. I live in butthole Wisconsin.

Taco Bells breakfast crunchwraps are really good lowkey

My partner picked up coffee from them and really liked it. We usually make our own coffee though. Dunkin Donuts coffee grounds are surprisingly good and we have Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Snickers creamer to go along with it.

This…all of this is questionable…

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