Taijutsu Scrapper build help


So I’ve recently started playing a Taijutsu Scrapper. I need help understanding what kind of build I should go for. Do I go for a high Crit build a Hybrid build or a Swiftness build. I’m still only tier one but I feel I’m lacking in damage somewhere.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Depends on how you want to play.

I do 50/50, but it’s actually more like 52crit/48swift since getting your accessories to even it out can be tough.

In a previous guild a member had all scrappers and only went 100% swift and wouldn’t do anything else.

High swift means high uptime in punching the target and easily avoiding damage mechanics, where high crit means timing your shots and being very aware of your surroundings and be good at dodging.

The 50/50 is a good choice, and then you can just swap in accessories to see if you like one side or the other.

EDIT: at tier1 a lot of the classes are lacking, esp soulfist. Once you are in T3 with the argos armor scrapper really shines in the ilvl raids.

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i like and enjoy full switf build more than my full crit build

if u want maxed the DPS gotta master the skill rotations

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Haha yeah I can’t dodge attacks I’m to slow to respond. Even tier 1 I seem to forget to dodge and sometimes I die because of it.

So use to just face tanking with my paladin cause I’m forever shielding myself and hitting pots if i get to low.

I don’t necessarily like the full swift. I think the main thing is finding a good balance between swift and crit where your skills are coming off of cooldown decently without sacrificing too much crit.