Taijutsu Scrapper build. why and when use Roundup Sweep over Instant hit?

Hello. Im scrapper main (1410ilvl) and I noticed KR players are using roundup sweep instead of instant hit and Im wondering why. since Taijutsu build is nerfing shock abilities for 30% why is it worth to still use them over stamina counter skill? I would love to know now before relic setup so I can prepare tripods and gems for it :slight_smile:

I currently use both. I think Death Rattle will replace Instant hit as Rattle does great damage even for tai. You may need the right set up for it which is why I didn’t swap it in yet. Also rattle will give a lot of stamina bar regen so helps in that regard as well.

Also Judgement seems to be replaced with crushing blow for the synergy buff later on as well.

Now for round up sweep,

It is by far one of the best counter abilities on a low cooldown and potentially resets the entire cd if you crit. You can slap a bleed rune, quick charge, rage or overwhelm rune on it and get even more value out of it due to how spammy it can get. You don’t move forward like instant hit so its easier and safer to land as it has increased range aswell. This I think is main reason why they use roundup aweep instead of instant hit.

There are a few Reasons for Round up over instant hit:

First being, once ur swiftness is high enough you solely use it for a counter, and having it reset on crit gives it more utility when you need multiple counters in a short period of time

Second being, again once ur swiftness is high enough, you only use ur main abilities, charging blow, fierce tiger strike, battering, iron cannon, dragon advent, earthquake, as you can continuously cycle thru those with no downtime

Third being, it doesn’t require a gem giving you the 11th gem slot for either fierce tiger cooldown or damage(once valtan patch hits) currently on live the 11th gem is charging cooldown for more ready up uptime

I use both depends on the fight. If i need more stagger and counter i go with round up sweep, if i want more dps and not a must to counter, i go with instant hit. it does make it harder for tri pod purposes as i current have 1 spot left and i do not know if i should put it on instant hit or sweep