Taiwan just solved bots

and its not even a year out.

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I can tell a lot of players on these forums are new to Korean MMOs and haven’t experienced the Taiwan versions of Korean MMOs before.

You would think Japan solved the issues too but bots dominated that server despite ID check on release.

Even if you were to play the TW version, you would be complaining about other things. You will feel you are left behind because you won’t be able to catch the insanely rich players over there

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JP only have ip region block initially - you could play the game using twitter account /gmail
JP solved the bot issue by

  • having active GM monitor and banning
  • transparency, sharing the numbers of ban recorded every week’s maintenance patch note
  • JP players witch hunting

The following attempts really wiped alot of bots : -

  • Not using EAC but Xigncode engine → memory dump checks
  • Lock first, investigate later : - automated flag filters [AH/Mail/online time/activity checks]
  • Jpanese language barrier : - Once you seek support to unfreeze account using non-JP language = auto ban
  • phone verification to get free power pass and event goodies → this was the killing blow completely wiped out all foreigner players, removing the demand for RMT

Of course, what remains are the JP local bots, but the local RMT market is not profitable at all since the server is a ghost town after 11pm every day - a dying server

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It’s been a year out and you are still playing with bots, what’s your point lol. You envy other regions because you get to see the future yet to be discovered and implemented in NA. Each regions runs differently by many reasons/factors and just because you eat eggs with sausages for morning breakfast doesn’t mean every region does the same. :joy:

Played at JP server before.
Bots were everywhere at launch.
I believe being a dead server is the main reason bots are no longer an issue :rofl:

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no they havent

As someone who lived/traveled to parts of Eu and Asia before in places such as Japan, Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand, there is eggs and sausages in the morning, sometimes it comes with soup and sometimes with rice or sometimes a different type of protein but there are always eggs, the Foundation is the same but there are only minor differences.

The analogy you had sucked lol and made absolutely no sense to me because those breakfast exists over there too lol.

It’s the newer generation that dont get it, NA is the main source for business, $$$ revenue to every region especially Asia. So what do you do to draw in more tourism and customers? By having options that fits NA culture, eggs and sausage. Its 2022 of course many culture has changed and embrace other cultures morning breakfast meals.

You get the point, dont play that card. You been to thailand? Ladybois are fun yea?

Using your analogy here’s how it really happened. What do you do to draw more tourism and customers? By having options that fits NA culture, spoiled egg and poop <— given by AGS which doesn’t have anything to do with NA and west culture.


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