Take A Break Popup?

Whats with the random “Take a Break” popup im getting in game every now and then? Its not from playing too long straight as i’ve gotten it right after logging in during chaos etc.

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:joy: idk but that’s hilarious

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I would like to know how you are playin, since I play 12-14 hours a day sometimes and haven’t gotten this yet, jealous. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah im curious lmao, this was 30 seconds after the pic posted above in the same chaos.

Im wondering if it has to do with APM and key presses maybe? @roxx needs to give some input.

That’s from the relic set effect. It pops up when you get hit under 30% hp.

Ok new info, i found out whats causing it. 2 Piece Poem of Salvation lmfao

I just figured this out. I feel dumb…k thx

There are a few strange things happening lately.

Anyone see the random bomb monster (the one’s that are on the survival cube and tower levels) appear randomly while doing the MSQ? They just appear after talking to an NPC and disappear shortly afterward without blowing up.

Just read the description of the salvation 2set bonus.

Yeah thanks, theres no text which states a popup for “Take a Break” is going to proc because of the set bonus.

That’ll be the Necromancy engraving somehow proccing.