Take Argos entry for DC without any rewards!?!?!?!?!?!?!

How dare this freakin game take my entry count just becouse i got DC-ed (only from the game, discord or anything else not even stopped for a single moment).

This game is hypersensitive for dropping connect on a 1 ms delay what other programs not even senses, there is NO RECONNECT, but fairly takes like 3x time to reload the game after a “cannot connect” bulls**t, espec if u was in isntance… And if your team finishes the boss after u did like 80% or more of the instance and everyone leaves, you left behind with no rewards and cant even reentry!!!

How is this fair in any universe!?!?!?!

Punish the payers cuz of the game deficiency!
Its ridicolous!!!

Game actually took my time! Took my drop! Took my gold, ghl, everything!

Just because they cant make a freakin RECONNECT button to the game like every other similar games do… Or at least try to reconnect sometimes…

Joke how u fk up your players…

I assume this is a troll post, but just in case, there’s a system that gives you back a re-entry ticket through the in-game mail. You should get your ticket in at most, 24h.

Not a troll post, im just angry af… First time having this issue and didnt know about i need to wait 24 hrs in some cases. Thanks for the answer! Hope ill get the ticket back (since my team finished the instance)

Anyway, a reconnect buttun still could be helpful for everyone!

Or at the very least, the game should kick you to the server selection instead of closing all together.

You will most likely not get a ticket. You only get ticketed if the party disbands after you disconnect. If your party finishes the instance, it counts as a clear.

I get DC’ed all the time, mostly due to blackouts, and even when the party finished the content, I always got the re-entry ticket back.

I’ve had at least 20+ disconects so far for a variety of reasons, but mostly blackouts.

21 hr and still nothing, i hope jsut need some more time.

It took more almost 3 days to get the ticked back…

Well, fugg, at least you got it back I guess.


Sorry to hear you’ve had a negative experience regarding your ticket.