Take away the right to propose a voting from dead players


I’m so tired about people not knowing how to do a guardian or an abyss dungeon and then not letting you carry them and solo it, but just stopping the raid at like under 5% hp remaining.

Who the fuck asks a dead corpse for an opinion in the first place to begin with, do you do that in real life as well? I doubt so, then basically yeah, take away from dead corpses the possibility to decide what to do with the game after they have died, unless you die yourself and they get revived, then it totally makes sense to me, but the other way around it’s just inexpressibly annoying and makes totally no sense.



Nonplz not … Often 1 overpowered mage far away from danger survives and end fight with 40% remaining … I don’t need to wait for that

Yes, he can ask for ending a fight if he’s alive, but you shouldn’t be the one asking for it if you’re dead. I believe most people are aware of their capabilities and wouldn’t pointlessly continue a fight if they could not make it.

Oh man, got a good zinger here when it comes to dead people and voting (it happens in real life in at least one well known western country and probably many others and votes are almost always for politicians of one specific party in that specific country) but I’ll keep things on topic. Gah.

Regarding this in the game, I can see it from both POVs already mentioned. It’d suck if the remaining person is some selfish try-hard that won’t be able to finish it but refuses to accept this reality while on the other, it would also suck if there is one person left who could finish things but the dead players overrule that because they are being selfish. I think I’d side with you and not let them have a say over the people still alive.

I changed the title, because it’s a bit misleading. I wrote this in a hurry. I didn’t want to say take away votes from dead players, just not make them go ahead with the initiative of asking.


  • Currently dead players can’t do proposals of decisions over a game, can only vote if such appears.
  • Currently alive players can do proposals of decisions over a game. (If everyone is alive, then everyone can - yes).
  • Everyone can vote on the poll, dead or alive.

Maybe learn to do the fight properly instead of dying?

Valid feedback.

I had one where they voted to end it on me when i was the last one left alive for like ~1 minute… boss had like 2% HP remaining and I had pretty much all of my potions left. Would have been a very easy kill.

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Noooooo most people have no clue about Theo capabilities m friend … very often one semi afk player who runs way nonstop ansld attacking every 25 seconds once is the last survivor when boss has 90% he bot even gives up. We need protection from such people

Dead people should be able to initiate a vote, because it happened a lot during Argos P2 where a party gets wiped and the other party doesn’t even noticed because you’re focused on your part of the raid. Also there might be a delusional player left alive who tries the impossible while the rest of the group is held hostage and forced to watch. I think democracy and equality is the only way to keep things fair, I know it sucks to have a group decide for you when you know better, but this is the best option to keep things fair for everyone.

What I would change is the default position of the vote window when you are alive, being focused to dodge something and having a popup on the middle of screen is just unacceptable, it should be in a corner or on the side of the screen.

Also if you have the unlucky timing to press Enter to type something when the popup appears you vote Yes by accident (same applies to the Escape button for a No vote). From my opinion the Enter/Esc key for voting should be disabled to avoid accidental votes. (It happened to me more than once).

Also to go a bit off topic, I would suggest to individualize the option to take loot and not give a vote to the entire group. I have a friend who failed Argos P2 with a group and the majority voted to take the loot from P1 and he’s vote got overruled so he was forced to take only the P1 loot even though he wanted to try again P2. My idea is to make the choice individual, each player should decide for himself if he wants the loot from P1 or decline and try again with another group. (this should no apply for the last stage P3 where you take the loot automatically).

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I had a guardian raid in which I survived last and they voted to quit. Vote got through and the boss had 0.5% HP left. Then they left without saying a word, probably out of pure embarassment lmao

lol what? Just type in chat. They’ll see it. There is no chance that any one of the 4 persons playing won’t see you typing in chat that you’re dead. That’s some fairy tail just for the sake of disagreeing. Especially on a phase so much focused on between parties communication there is no way noone would have noticed. Lmfao

My suggestion works for that too.

As for everything else, agree.

I think the majority of the playerbase wants this. Also to be able to leave a freaking guardian instantly and without penalty if you enter solo

Idk but eiher way move that popping text from the center of the screen in the middle of the raid

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