Talk to us already about the dps meter

Greenlight the dps meter already we need to see how classes perform.
Everything about this game is speculation and guessing.
Ever wonderd why ffxiv is so balanced?
Its because people shit on the devs the moment they mess up a balance patch.
That would be impossible without seeing the data a dps meter provides.
We also need to see how the average player performs compared to a fully geard whale with complete mastery over a class and the raid.

90% of the people against it dont even know how to properly use a dps meter or know what HPM means so stop arguing about it. If ur really scared about peoples toxicity let em do it like ff where they ban on toxicity.
Gatekeeping right now is based on Roster level, amount of engravings and preference.
People dont take gunslingers and reapers with them cuz they think “they are bad and die alot” without any data to back it up.
At least with a dps meter u can see what is a fact and whats just a speculation.


People dont take gunslingers and reapers with them cuz they think “they are bad and die alot” without any data to back it up.

lmao they are two of the squishiest classes in the game.

Also you don’t need dps meter. They have internal data to see how classes perform


Its not public so they can hide their mistakes is the thing…
A dps meter alows us to see what they see in their statistics.

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You don’t need to see how classes preform. DPS metre isn’t coming no matter how much you want it. Lost Ark isn’t about DPS, it’s about mechanics and doing them correctly


Guess what. Theres alot of games that are about mechanics and doing them correctly and not dying yet they still have a dps meter. Your argument is literally made up.
In Tera everything a boss does is random. The boss just picks a random cycle of mechanics and goes with it and the player is held acountable to dodge/do mechanics learn what they can facetank and what they cant and keep uptime as high as they can. This is good game design and the same design philosophy is in Lost Ark. A dps meter is there for the top tier guys to see how much they can squeeze out during and inbetween mechanics, how high they can keep their uptime, how often they can land their skills in a timeframe and improve on that.

Yes you do. If u want a properly balanced well designed game similar to how FFXIV is atm u do.
Transparent data on performance means you can hold the devs accountable for their bs.
It wouldnt change anything about ur enjoyment of the game. If anything it would improve it.
You gotta keep in mind, you can see the top end players and the bottom end and the average in those statistics. You can tell easily when something is over or underperforming.


Lots of games have them, sure. You’re not getting a DPS metre, SG already said it’s not happening.
You don’t need to see how they preform, the data is already looked at by the people designing and balancing classes and the rest of the game.


We literally have access to a working one.
Were just waiting on ags or smilegate to greenlight it so we can give constructive criticism.
If u didnt know yet, devs are usually really reeeeeally bad at playing and balancing their own games. Community feedback is a must.

Are you talking about the logger one? the 3rd party one?

they made it clear when people in the KR/JP versions forums asked that they do not want such meters used
CMs have made it clear that the use of anything that gives players data they wouldn’t otherwise have is a TOS violation

its becoming like a kid at wal-mart begging for a toy that their parent has already said no too with these post


No get over it and go to Trixion


Didn’t FFXIV players shit on patch 6.1 because of the shitty class reworks? SE made the classes to similar to eachother and dumbed down difficulty.

Everytime we have a gunslinger in our party she is dead 90% of the time. What is my data? I see their corpse on the ground 90% of the time


Im against it. But not for the normal reasons of toxicity or whatever.

Im against add ons. For the reason they ruin games. Wow has them, for one it creates a toxic meta culture.

But my main concerns lie within raids themselves. Addons take out all the problem solving and reaction skills that make the raids fun.

  • deadly boss mods, they tell you when mechanics are comming taking out the reaction skills.
  • weak auras, solves problems for you. Who stands where and when to stand there, who takes what debuff etc etc.
  • damage meter, creates metas more than what they are now. Class discrimination would be worse than it is now. Also itd create a dps threshold in raids making it more incentivized to kick people to progress. You ever wipe 2 times in a raid and kept going? Well no more cause johnny isnt doing enough damage so were gonna find a replacement after 1 wipe.

I feel addons can be nice but at the same time its gonna get rid of all the challenges making everything trivial. I hope they never allow addons inside this game. You want a damage meter go to the training grounds.


Good luck getting an invite as Reaper or as someone without Grudge 3 LMFAO

Or below 1500 ilvl soon

Toxicity is here and plenty, who gives a shit if it’s dps meter toxicity or engraving toxicity or ilvl toxicity or class toxicity, there always be one, you better start dealing with it boi.

lmao okay dude you seem to think that SG is out to hate on certain classes and not intent on balancing all classes.

You are a player. You are not in charge of balancing nor do they give a shit about what you want. They have their vision for what they want their game to be.

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That is exactly correct.

We don’t even have reapers so you are taking your argument out of a Youtube video or something else that isn’t related to our current state of the game, I’m sure you can find a group of friends to play together and be amazing with your DPS, but you sound like just like another douchebag that would keep complaining about everyone’s DPS :joy:

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So what’s the argument against dps meters? Because you can just “find a group of friends to play together and be amazing” without dps meter toxicity.

Not an issue since were not talking about addons as a whole, only the dps meter and parse logs. Noone wants those boss mods.

While that may be true it at least it would be backed up by facts and statistics and the devs would be able to fix it instead of hiding their bs.

Yes and no. People would realize pretty quickly what the average or low bar is and people with a brain dont kick someone just because a run is gonna take 1 minute longer…

You cannot compare a training dummy and dps in a vacuum with actual raids and class performance during proper gameplay.

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The problem is with a damage meter its gonna be worse. Think with me for a min, so lets say you invite someone thats a deathblade. Cool, so your plauing dps meter is saying they’re underpreforming. Yall still kill the boss, but now your gonna flame em.

Where as it is now, you dont know the damage you’re gonna say gg and move on.

Same with classes, the damage meters for some classes will show they underpreform. So instead of selecting those classes you always pick deathblades and sorcs for dmg. Now the other 8 classes are invalidated (dramatic example but gets my point across)


There are other servers u can play on uknow?