Talk to us already about the dps meter

Reversing packets. Wont go into detail here since this place is official forums blah blah blah

Performance is more that raw dps. What use is just a dps meter when balancing the survivability or party synergies of bards or gunlancers?

Speculation around classes also encourages people to experiment with builds. If you think having a dps meter will stop people excluding classes from parties, you’re well off the mark. It will absolutely enforce a meta with even less room for variation than there is now

lmao how do they check dps? By fucking going to trixion and hitting a dummy that doesn’t move and allows you to hit 100% of your back attacks? Not a realistic scenario

You can say in trixion, surge is like 5% more dps than RE after nerf. But in real fight? Surge will probably get outdps by RE

You can tell by the performance in live situations and time it takes to clear content etc, by going trixion many ways.

I’m over this now. If you think a game that scales damage from mutliple different sources, gems engraving tripods, buffs etc can be perfectly balanced you are deluded.

That is one of the reasons why PTR exists because they recognise balancing issues, smilegate have commented on this themselves and have said this will be their focus now before they bring out new content.

Like i said I’m done, believe what you want. Smilegate are wrong and you’re right.

Peace god.

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:smiley: I think so too bro.
I dont wanna just be related to what they say.

But you a nice guy and ofc we all have different opinions.
Have a good eve.

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The third party DPS meter is not something that will be approved for use – any app that modifies the game and/or interacts with it in a way that provides information that is otherwise not available to players goes against our game rules. SGR is also not open to the use of this tool by players.


Just my opinion but i dont think you’re “carrying” anyone just cause of their low dps, if they can survive all mechanics and still contribute i think thats fine… I think using the timer and quitting just cause you have doubts is kinda rude, I run my ungeared alts thru abyssals/guardians and im normally last on mvp chart but also last one alive and able to finish the boss alot of times, so am i getting carried? And i think dps meter is whatever, dont know why its such a big controversy like someone else said let it happen and then just ban people that are gonna be toxic with it.


That is a pretty sad stance as this game needs some additions, just saying…


Then you should totally not support it and play a game that has what you’re looking for. This game doesn’t support it and won’t that’s been said several times. Gotta get with the program or move on.


PTR literally didn’t exist before the msot recent patch LMAO. No, SG is right and you are wrong.
<5% dps difference between classes means nothing.

Hey Roxx!

Was literally about to post something very similar. This has been widely discussed before and third-party applications are not permitted.

It’s always a bit depressing to see an author of a suggestion post in the feedback channel, but then openly ignore, or dismiss any comments that don’t follow their opinion or agenda. Why both asking for feedback…?

Moving on; classes in Lost Ark are far from balanced. A DPS meter will only show what we all know already. Berserkers and Sorcessors dominate, while support classes, or, any other players that are more mechanic centric will just be denied access to parties for no good reason.

Do you see support classes “demanding” damage taken meters? How about a time spent on your ass in game clock so we can actually tell if you know how to avoid basic attacks, or confirmation of how many counters you performed.

TLDR Stop comparing Lost Ark to basically only FF and insisting their DPS meter will work in Lost Ark where the classes are far more diverse and the game is more mechanics driven. Passing content in Lost Ark successfully is far more expansive than just DPS.

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Stop this elitism!

your baseline for balancing is wow ? really ? a game where specs like enhancement where bugged for whole expansion and they just couldnt care less to fix it ? where in some bosses if you have certain classes you take 2-3x the wipes for the kill ? L M A O

you have no idea how the game works if you worry about support needing to worry about dps.

absolutely no clue at all. supports are worshipped in this game. everyone wants one in the party.


Really is hard to improve yourself without a DPS meter.

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Imagine needing a DPS meter to figure out how classes perform when there is years of theorycrafting and hard math available already.

Don’t kid yourself, we all know it would be only used to shit on others. Free to play communities are already trash, we don’t need additional forced elitism here.

P.S: You can check your DPS in Trixion :wink:


Did you actually read the initial post of the thread before jumping to that conclusion?

I’m not debating player perception of supports not being valuable. I’m debating how a DPS meter is borderline pointless in showing that value like the OP is attempting to suggest.

Condensing much.

Come on bro, there’s like 9 buttons to press for most classes. What the hell does a dps meter do? If you can figure a 9 button rotation out there’s no hope.

Play crash bandicoot or something.


But the real question is… Are you guys actively banning for it, or is it like FF14 where only ban if reported/talk about it?

FF14 came out with a post not long ago to redefine their stance on all these things… Maybe you guys should too

There’s a lot more complexity than that, and trixion’s meter doesn’t help, you can’t test in a real life scenario.

Maybe if they had something where you could like… spawn a real boss and it went through it’s real rotation.