Tank Union sadly It Has To Be This Way

Standing here I realize,

Why should only the Supports and dds Create there Union?
I would say the tanky Classes should seperate from this oneshot dds and overpriced Supports.
Fellow Gunlancer, Destroyer, Artillerist and dont forget the DD Paladin enjoyer i hope,

You are just like me Trying to make history

By creating our own Union and showing the rest who is the real hero in de Raids against Valtan Vykas and co, were are the one who tank the bosses to make it easy for the back atackers to atack we are the one who are the best to counter the boss. I did not want to do it but the rest leaves me no choice i know its not right do it

But who’s to judge The right from wrong

No one is because we just do what we have to do
so join me fellow tanks and lets us show the rest of the player base that even

When our guard is down

were are still the one who be in the most cases alive at the end of the fight while there rest is dead or out of heal pots.

I think we’ll both agree

that we dont want to do it but we have to because we all know,

That violence breeds violence
But in the end it has to be this way
we did not start it but we will win it
so join now the Tank Union.

I’m playing Striker and the f*** bosses always going on my ass for some reason.
Can I joing the “Tank” union axaxax.

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Youre right about one thing… I DO need leapstones… and shards. Wanna know why? “I have a dream”. That one day, every person in the group will control their OWN destiny, a playerbase of the truly free damnit, a nation of progging, not busses. Ruled by skill, not by gold!

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I would like to raise a point of order with the gathered individuals to whom believe a tank union is necessary and good.

Tanks don’t exist in lost ark. There’s no mechanic currently in the game which requires you to be tanking. Some of the gathered members have a taunt which allows them to pull aggro from some things, some times. A better term to describe this would be a “controller” but just because you’re roided out beefcakes doesn’t mean you’re a tank. Further, I feel it disproportionately misrepresents Paladins. As such I believe it could benefit from rebranding.

I believe a better name for this union would be “Boi’s Alliance for Restraining Angry Assailants” or B.A.R.A.A for short.

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Why does everyone just copy everyone else’s threads?

there doesn’t need to be any union for any class or role, jesus.

I would just like to let you know that my dps union is just a union of people who don’t want to pay supports in order to access content and we gladly accept tanks into our union just like we accept support who don’t charge for there service