Target Honing Success Rate

Is there a target success rate that is optimal to strive for when getting to tier 3? I just failed like 7 times in a row at ~55-65% and thought i’d ask here before wasting more stuff.

Obviously, the higher success % you can get, the better especially now when events are providing a good amount of success increase items.

To me, 50-60% chance is actually really good, but I could be biased because I am right now at 1362 gs, so I’d kill for 60% chance. And as you progress deeper into T3, the success rate only keeps going down. You get a very small break at 1370 then it just gets harder and harder. In the future, you make honing attempts expecting that it will fail and you are just doing them to fill the pity meter.

It really sucks that you got very unlucky. But 50-60 is really not a bad rate. So if you want to rant a bit, I don’t mind! But then, take a deep breath, and take it slow. This game does a lot of events to help people catch up and you will certainly get T3 in the near future.