Target patch date

any chance we get an estimated patch date for june?

Pretty much every patch has been set for the end of the login event run, unless it gets delayed due to complications. Which for this month is June 16.

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Aiming for mid-June!


No. pretty sure it’s June 23rd

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The login events are generally a good indicator. You’ll never get a content patch before the end date, but you’re not guaranteed to get one on the end date either.

Even I and most of my guildmates being on iLVL…
If aiming for 16th, will be another mistake like Argos, Vykas is balanced upon Relic Accs
Hope it comes 23 at least

will be the 16th if June (+ / - ) a week then 14th of July (+ / - ) a week

16th june pls make it happen :3

What are you on about??? Argos mistake isn’t the same as Vykas??? If you can’t do week 1 Vykas hard, why don’t you just do normal? Unlike Valtan, Vykas has more mechanics and more annoying ones and if you think you can down Vykas hard first day on iLvl with your guild mates and assuming that “Vykas is balanced upon Relic accs” then you need a reality check

I like it!

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I love that Roxx keeps trying.
But from previous events its prob coming end of june.

Will we also be able to craft the abyss dungeon skins for example from the skin-dyer npc?


june 2024?

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You’re talking nonsense dude…
I know and play this game for almost 3 years, you don’t even imagine the dps check for Vykas

No Vykas is one honing away from Valtan and is 1 month apart. Also it was balanced around 4x3 just like Valtan.
Also the only mistake with Argos was that the game were filled with too many tourist normie back then who doesn’t grind and only cry.

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Valtan is 3x3

So you are not denying the fact that Vykas is balanced around 4x3? Which is obtainable with legendary accs


Yeah and?
How are you or your friend not 4x3 at 1430 not to mention 1460? You don’t even need relic access for 4x3. I was 4x3 2 weeks after argos release for like under 20k. Are you just trolling?